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Does anyone suffer for 2 weigh ins because of Star Week? Just having a moan!


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Its a long story really. I lost a baby in Jan at 12 weeks and ever since my cycles have been all over the place. 'Should' have been due last week and felt bloated etc and gained 2lbs :( despite sticking to the plan.

Still no sign and still feel fat and bloated with all the signs and got weigh in tonight. Im not pregnant (wish I was :().

Feel so crap and deflated but going to stick at it as I know I will have a loss once AF has arrived!

Ssorry just having a moan, Hubby sick of hearing me!
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Sorry for your loss. Yes I do put on then. And if it's late I really bloat out and put loads on

I lost my baby at 9 weeks in Feb and my cycles have also been all over the place, actually I say that but I've only had one proper period since then. I think I've also gained about a stone and a half since then aswell which probably hasn't helped.

However I'm now turning my life around - want to lose approx 4 stone before we start trying again.

Today was the first day I saw a baby and didn't get upset/angry/jealous. It was even called Max - the name we said we liked if it was a boy. It was a cutie and I know it will happen to me when the time is right.

Anyway good luck, with your diet.



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Oh hun thats rotten news for you (and Debbie) and I hope things feel better soon! Yes I also put loads of water on and it seems to last THREE weeks!!! Was going to try water pills at chemist but dunno if it all goes back on when you stop taking them...ITS WAY IN TOMORROW AND Im dreading it...
Thought I would just chip in here every month seems to go like this for me, for 2 weeks after my period i loose a few pounds, 3rd week i stay the same 4th week i stay the same and fith week i gain, I have 5 week cycles and it seems to be the same patern every month GGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR I am very strict with my eating and dont cheat so i have to put it down to hormones but it is annoying only to loose 2 weeks out of every 5


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i dont have star weeks as i have a mirena coil fitted - - but just wanted to say big hugs to you both and sorry for your losses.


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i dont have star weeks as i have a mirena coil fitted - - but just wanted to say big hugs to you both and sorry for your losses.
I shouldnt have a star week because i have the contraceptive implant fitted, however im the small percentage who have periods for 2 weeks + :(
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sorry to hear about your losses :(

I take apple cider vinegar tablets a couple of days before mine start and for the first couple of days, it seems to keep the bloating under control most of the time. You can get them in most pharmacies or supermarkets and they are quite cheap. Some people take them all the time, but I prefer it just when I feel like a balloon!

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