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does anyone work from home?

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Childminder - but you'd have to do a course (8 weeks 1 day a week) & Ofsted would need to inspect your home. But you could also just do before & after school for a few hours a day.

Apart from this no idea, it isn't the same finding a job like this anymore. I wanted to with my son but had to go back to work part -time. Be aware of those stuffing envelopes/packing stuff as they're usually scams.

How is your typing? Maybe typing thesis (sp?) etc


Slimming for my children
i am really good at typing.
My son is only 6 months so i wouldnt need to worry about when hes at school
We just cant survive on the money my husband brings in. We are in loads of debt from our wedding and its crippling us!!

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Maybe put up ads in local shops, universities, colleges,gumtree etc offering typing services. Also some private doctors want patient notes typed.

It's worth a go.

I know what you mean money wise it's difficult, my boy is 19 months old and going on maternity again next week. Luckily H got a better paid job in his company. XX


Slimming for my children
your lucky my husband is a police officer and they are cutting his hours from 10 a day to 8 and therefore his wages. he gets paid jack anyway! But we live 2 hours away from his work so by time he gets home no time for me to get out and have a job! I work as a call operator for 999 and its right next to where he works so would take me 2 hours to get there!

big bear

A bear on a mission!
I know it can be so difficult with wee ones & as for tax credits don't get me started lol...hope it works out for you & because you worked for 999 you would be very trustworthy & have CRB checks. Would it be possible to do childminding? or can you drive do the school run???


Slimming for my children
whats a school run? sorry i dunno what that is
and yea i have a clean crb. x I still work for 999 call centre but am due back but cannot work the hours they want me to whilst being able to survive on child care costs!

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Dropping neighbours/friends children to school & picking them up.

Some people that work full time might need to drop the children to you say at 8am and you have to take them to school and then pick them up when school finishes and look after them till about 6pm when their parents come pick them up.

I'm not sure if you actually need to do a child minding course for this, maybe someone could calrify.


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Have you anything you could sell on ebay? I know it's not a job , but it could earn you abit extra. Or a car boot?
Our next door neighbour years ago did the stamps and addressing envelopes and if a stamp was 1mm out they wouldn't pay.
When my kids were little I used to knit for a local shop but it wasn't much.
Have you checked Martins money tips?


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I would say childminding is your best option. One piece of advice though if you do this is to keep your childs things seperate - something I learned from my first childminder, she had childminding toys and her childs toys for when the other kids weren't there. Kind of keeps it special for your son.

Childminding is hard work but can be very profitable, especially if you have children all day and in school holidays.

Mrs V

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I've just signed up for a childminders course and the initial out pay is £100.
As Jaylou said you need to realise that as the children are coming into your home, this could effect your little one..he is having to share mummy after all. Also if Hubby could end up working shift, he may need to sleep in the day time..what if its raining and you cant take the children out? How would that effect things?
There is a lot to think about with childminding and also regarding school runs, you still need to be a registered childminder as its now considered to be breaking the law - extra insurance etc.
What about something like home ironing? Advertise locally and they can drop off and collect from you, Kleeneze and Avon are other ones to consider or again the childminding route.



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I've used a lot of childminders over the years - from those who were very business like ie half fees when I was on holiday (free when she was) and having to provide all childs food to those who were much less so, provided all meals as her child was eating anyway and never charged for holidays, both were fabulous and I never grumbled about the fees.

People really need good, reliable childminders and I am grateful to those I used over the years.
I would love to work from home and have also considered the childminding thing. I work for the NHS and was working up in London when I had my little boy (he's 2 now) when I returned from maternity leave all had changed at work, including my job, and I ended up resigning (long story!). I got a job with the NHS locally but it's full time which is not what I wanted. It's so hard to find part time or home based work though.

I get childcare vouchers which really help with the cost of nursery. The amount is deducted from my salary monthly before tax so I get £150 of vouchers which only costs me about £100, most organisations provide them and it saves quite a bit of money!

P.S re your other post, my Hubby is also a police officer and we have a 2 year old who won't sleep through the night, in fact he wakes 2 or three times. Hubby often sleeps in the spare room just so that we can all get a good nights sleep! I find it really tough, more than he does for sure, but I try to understand as he works 12 hour shifts and most of the time has to leave home at 5am to get to work and I don't need to get up till 7am.

Things are getting better recently though, the little one is sleeping better and the OH is back in bed with me (well, most of the time anyway).

Fingers crossed for you ... I know exactly how you feel! xx

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