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Does Anyone ....

Devon Dolce

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On the 1st October 2009 I walked into my SW meeting on my own and haven't looked back! My C was so friendly and the group just great! I'm certainly taking the scenic route with my weight loss but am so glad I went that first time! The nerves are to be expected but they don't last xxx
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I went on my own and didn't know anyone. I soon made friends with a few of the girls and we all support each other on Facebook throughout the week.

Thinking about it, most of the people who go and stay every week (and almost always lose weight) go on their own. The ones that turn up with friends usually don't stay to image therapy and are not losing weight as steadily. This is just an observation from my group, I'm sure it's not the same everywhere.

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Most people probably go on their own - I know one couple and three family groups and two pairs that are friends from before SW - but thats it - out of a group where over 60 people regularly weigh-in.

As some fo the boards say "there are no strangers here - just friends you haven't met" - we all go for the same reason and there is no reason at all why you shouldn't find some kindred spirits within the group you attend. I've never found anyone to be unfriendly, or unhelpful or judgemental in any of the groups I've been to as a visitor either.

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i went on my own when i used to go to the meetings, and i dont like going anywhere on my own im like a little hermit crab lol but nothing to be scared of, youll see ppl bigger than you and ppl smaller than you and your all there for the same reason :) xxx
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i go on my own - but know most of the people now - i sit with different people each week.

and loving your pic ellebear! xx
Hi there,
Yes as mentioned loads of people go on their own! My sister is on SW but lives too far away to come with me, we both weigh in at different meetings on different days. Probably most people I'd say attend on their own. You'll fit right in, everyone has something in common, and everyone is working to their individual goals.
Go for it! You won't look back! xxxxx


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Yep, I go on my own, and did last time, but am slowly making friends.
I went on my own for about a year then my mum in law joined. It has pro's and cons going on your own but I liked it! My mum in law likes to sit in the same place every week and I think that is part of why I am getting a bit fed up of group at the mo but it would now seem strange if I sat away from her. Its just the same stories each week from those we sit by and probably the same for them from me its nice to mix it up a bit! x
I go on my own too - there are two times for my group cos otherwise its over 120 people. the earlier one is friendlier and not at all clichy ( sp?) - the later group is more clichy - lots of people saving seats and places in the queue for their mates and people rarely talk to you - so i now work from home on wi day so i can go to the early one.


I joined on my own and have just switched groups last week again going on my own, i am not the most confident person but knew it was time to seek help for my weight and sometimes feel if you join with friends it can end up in competition, especially frustrating if you're a slow loser! Or a bit of a laugh - thats probably just me though x
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Yes I am the same ... I go on my own ... it is a little daunting going on the first meet but everyone is so friendly and u will be made to feel very welcome ...... our meet is like a little social but its not clicky at all ... everyone sits in different places and chats with different people every week .... its really good .... Im now on the social team so i get to chat to everyone ... brilliant!!!

Good luck xxxxx


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Yes I started going on my own but now I have gotten friendly with lots of people from the group . It never feels like I'm on my own . My mum comes now but never stays to the talk . The people in my group are really friendly , I will really miss them when I finish my maternity leave ..,,


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I go on my own class not that friendly, i just ignore them now and go to weigh in every week.


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I joined on my own but after a few weeks my mum in law and her firend started coming. I am not the most confident person but the group was so welcoming and i have now made some lovely new friends.