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does everyone binge after weigh in????

S: 13st6lb C: 13st3lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 0st3lb(1.6%)
i have been thinking alot about this of the past few days
alot of people in my group always have a big blow out after weigh in, most have a takeaway and they all have a really good weight loss every week!! what am i doing wrong lol mines going very slow and i dont binge on takeaways after weigh in!!
i wondered does everyone do this and still have good losses like them??

i know this has been a shock to my system actually eating foods (former lghterlife/cambridge diets lol) so i know it will take some time but i have been doing this 4 wks now and only lost 2.5lbs i have WI 2moro but i dont think i have lost anythin i feel so heavy!! been wonderin if EE is right 4 me or even if i am doin it right lol
i am gonna have a chat with my SW lady 2moro i think and go over my concerns
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I go through phases of entering the 'black hole' after WI when I will have a takeaway every week (not a *complete* blow out like the bad old days tho).

More often, I find that I like to have a 'special meal' - often a treat, but still on plan - eg steak and sw chips, or a starter (smoked salmon or mussels etc) or an SW pudding. When we do this, we save our syns from that day and share a whole bottle of wine (12 syns each) - still on plan but feels so very naughty!


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haha I always have something naughty and count it after weigh in! But to be fair I never have anything really really bad. My mum normally buys me a malteaster bunny so I have that (I think they are 9 syns normally), and I might have some crisps, or some ice cream or something like that and not count it.

I know this isnt good but its not as bad as having a take away or fast food! I've had perfectly good losses doing it this way, I need that "i'll save that for WI night" mentality to keep myself sane!! x


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S: 16st1lb C: 15st12lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33.8 Loss: 0st3lb(1.33%)
More often, I find that I like to have a 'special meal' - often a treat, but still on plan - eg steak and sw chips, or a starter (smoked salmon or mussels etc) or an SW pudding.
I do this to! Fillet Steak and SW chips is my fave treat meal :) sometimes i'll do this and then have a few treats after 2! x
I have the odd chockie bar after as a treat if i loss nothing over the top,but i do have a friend who after a weigh in on thursday night has a big treat takeaway wine the lot and should doesnt use her syns or even count anything she has eaten and i would say she consumes a whole weeks syns in one night and thats maybe why she has had alot slower losses each to there own just annoying when she moans she hasnt lost alot and says i dont know why!!!


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God no! What's the point of binging? Your new week starts immediately after WI, so why jeopardise your losses for that week? It would be lovely if anything consumed after WI and before midnight was free, but, sadly, it isn't!!


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I am another who doesnt understand the treat mentality of wi night, we have syns for treats!

I am a slow loser so I expect if I DID binge I wouldnt lose at all lol

I do get annoyed at group when I am 100% and lose 1/2lb but the people who have had takeaways and binges lose 4lb!!


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I bizarrely tend to go off plan if I haven't lost but stay on if I have! And a blow out is still not anywhere on the scale of a pre SW blowout!
Having a take away doesnt necessarily mean a binge though. When I was doing SW I had a Chinese takeaway on my wi night but had something like chicken and black bean with noodles, which felt like a real treat but was only something like 5 syns. Now Im back on WW I have my chinese and a few glasses of wine. Feels like a treat but again its within my points :)


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I don't intend to but as my WI is on a Friday I tend to have takeaway and alcohol and then flexi syn for the rest of the week! This weekend past has been ridiculously bad as we've had takeaways and nights out.

I want to make a concerted effort not to over indulge at the weekend even if it is between my syns as I would rather like to treat myself to a Creme Egg or something one evening!!


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I just had a takeaway but not because it was WI night but because i had no time to cook. I kept within my syn limit for the day though.


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I have a bit of a treat but no way is it a binge. I may have a couple of slices of garlic bread with some pasta or a mini naan with a curry and I also may have some chocolate but it's not a binge, nothing like I used to eat pre SW days!!


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No I never do cos its a monday so I always want a fresh start to the week after a few oppsies on the weekend. I always save my tea til after class though so have that to look forward to.


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I always have a treat, maybe some toast with a little bit of clover and some chocolate, but i rarely have syns through the week so figure i have them all on a wednesday night! :D


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I don't have anything that's not synned.
I use my syns weekly and have about 25 on Wednesday after WI.


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I don't.... I did to start with but figured that I would be undoing all the good I've done, or would spend all week working extra hard to undo it IYKWIM?

I actually see SW as a re-education on how to eat, if I start eating really bad things then I'm going to actually remember what they taste like and want them more ;) and I think that will actually make me fall back into bad habits! My friend always has a treat night and she's always going on about the food she can't have etc.... I think all the time you're having the bad stuff it's reminding you what you're missing out on... (you know what I mean!)

Although, that said I am DYING for pizza! but that will be a special treat, and even then I will make it myself and do it as low syn as I can (while still being real pizza :))


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S: 16st1lb C: 15st12lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33.8 Loss: 0st3lb(1.33%)
I tend to have things that I thought were relatively healthy before SW...like I tend to have something with a tortilla wrap after WI (like fajitas with salsa, guacamole, sour cream). I dont think this is a terribly fattening food, no where near as much as a KFC bucket - enough to feel like a treat, but too high syn to waste on during the week and I dont count it then. I'll almost definitely have some chocolate to and not count it!

Naughty I know but seems to work for me so far :)


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Perhaps it would do us all good to get out of the mentality of treating ourselves with food. it's probably how we got to be here in the first place xx


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I don't have a binge, but I do treat myself to something that I normally wouldn't have. Today after WI I stuck to plan though as I need a good loss next week :)
You can definately still lose with Extra Easy as I have been doing it for the last 3 weeks and from the stats below you can see that it does work.

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