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Does exercising affect your weightloss?


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Im off on holiday in 5 weeks & want to look as best as I can so the last few weeks Ive been doing my cardio dvd's which I really love.

My consultant said as the fat turns into muscle my weightloss can really slow down for a few weeks & then pick up.

Did anyone else find this when they started exercising whilst doing SW or did it not affect your weightloss at all?
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Hi lisa

Well i went to gym and swimming and aerobics once in september till March and i never lost the weight which did put me off and i thought i was failing, but everyone commented on how well i was looking and how body was shaping, so can works two ways but as i dont see weight shifting on scales i tend to lose interest.

Good luck and hope someone else can give some good advice and ill be reading too


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What she probably meant is that as fat burns, and muscle grows (two separate processes), you may not see a weight loss.

My best suggestion is to keep weighing, but also measure yourself, waist, bust, hips, etc as you will probably see a change there if you don't see one on the scales.


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Really?! I never knew that, Id always read that when you workout a lot you can gain weight as fat turns into muscle & the muscle weighs more than fat.
Last week I did take my measurements which I should have done when I started SW!


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Muscle is more dense that fat, so 1 cubic inch of muscle weighs more than one cubic inch of fat. If you were to 'change' all your fat into muscle, you'd weigh a lot more but be the same size - similarly, if you were to change the mass of your fat into the same mass of muscle, you'd weigh the same but be a lot smaller (this is why measuring helps notice differences in your body).


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My consultant said as the fat turns into muscle my weightloss can really slow down for a few weeks & then pick up.
Sorry, but fat can't turn to muscle. Neither is it likely that you'll gain muscle whilst being in a calorie deficit (though it's possible if you are very unfit).

Some people find that the weight stalls. This isn't because fat isn't burning. You'll still lose fat, but the muscles will often hold onto water whilst they repair :)

All good as long as you don't worry too much about what the scales say.
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I would deffinatly exercise what is the point in being at goal and being all squishy when you look toned? Also muscle will help you burn more calories a day helping you to stay at your goal weight.


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I think that the whole, fat turning into muscle was made up by someone who didnt want to exercise and was using it as an excuse. (sounds like something that i would do) :)


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Muscle tissue is more compact which is why you lose inches. Muscle is also good because it burns more calories in the course of everyday activity than fat, so you use up more calories just doing normal stuff like walking around. I really wish we could get rid of this muscle weighs more than fat nonsense and using this as a reason not to exercise. In general women don't have the testosterone levels required to build a lot of muscle and exercising is a great way of boosting your weight loss and toning up.
the scales don't show the loss very well but the inches come off so it is good to measure yourself then you'll be well chuffed!!!!
i know it is disheartening when the numbers don't go down as you like on the scales!!!

good luck


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Thanks guys!! Ive always been very much about what the scales say but I know in the end Id rather 'see' the difference in my body than watch numbers go down. Hopefully I'll tone well.
I started exercising and did not lose weight for 2 weeks which was disheartening (I stuck to the diet religiously). However, yesterday (my weighing day), I had lost 4 lb, so it all seems worth it now. It will be interesting to see if the losses continue, or if it will be erratic.

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