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Does it ever go??


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Evening everyone.

Just wanted to know if the hunger ever does go. Don't get me wrong i can resist the temptation but i do still feel hungry, most of the time...well either that or crave foods.
I hear so many people saying that their hunger etc goes. I am just starting my week 3 tomorrow and although the journey so far has been better than i expected i do most of the time really feel like i am running on empty.
I have been out with a friend all day and she just commented that all i have done all day is talk about food and what i'd love to eat!! I'm becoming obsessed.

What are your feelings towards food now? Do you still get hungry? Do you still crave foods. Any input is much appreciated.xx
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Ok, I think two things are working here. Firstly, I think you are craving food and not actually hungry. Try not to dwell on it as you are only torturing yourself.

Secondly, your body doesn't know the difference between hunger and thirst and often when we think we are hungry, we just need water. So try and up the water drinking a bit and see if that helps.


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Thanks hotstuff, i think maybe it must be more cravings then as i really do drink so much water because i love it. I'm worried about upping my water as i already drink about 5litres a day. Most days i have to try and slow down on my water.x


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I know wht you mean, I may not feel physically hunger but there are days and weeks where I constaintly think about food!

Up until now i have resisted, but some days or worse than others. Week 10 and 11 were the worst! I have to admit to being totally obsessed with food since it seems ages since i have had it and i hope that it is not going to mean that I am going to go crazy when I get to goal.

I have tried to keep myself busy, mentally, so I dont have the space in my head to obess. Easier said than done but my SIL swore by getting a mazzive jigsaw! I tend to get a lot more work done (I work from home most of the time) and my garden is looking fab!


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I managed 6 weeks almost perfect SS and the hunger never went for me. After that I added more and more but always watched the carbs and the hunger eased. Thats me just started on SS again and i know food and/or hunger will be at the forefront of my mind for as long as i can stay SSing.
if we got really hungry can we not have an extra shake or bar. o is this not allowed


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I dont feel hungry at all, its the mind games I play with myself that gets to me. Thinking of really bad foods, that I probably didnt even like to eat in the first place.


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my cd actually told me if i want to cheat to have a shake or bar or soup...i dont know if this is true but she said its the safest way to cheat if you are really really hungry as a last resort.. because youre not going to be tempted to eat more of say `meat` or `cheese` or `normal` food thus kicking your `want` for more...can a counsellor correct me if im wrong please? (does that make sense?)

diddy x


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My hunger went in week 3. I have only had 1 day since that I wanted to eat so I went to bed

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