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Does it get easier or harder?


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I am now on day 16 of ss and must say it seems to be getting easier each day. I should be really happy but now I'm worrying that its suddenly going to get really hard again! lol

I just wondered if anyone could advise whether they feel it gets easier after 2 weeks or so until they reach goal or am i coming up for another period when it will become really difficult?!

I know that I must be feeling good because I went round my friends house last night and while her family tucked into lamb chops, home made chips, stuffed mushrooms and garlic bread, I sat there with my CD bar and managed to resist!
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I think it does get easier as you get a couple of weeks in. I have days that take me by suprise and are a real struggle to get through but mostly it's ok :)
Well done on resisting there - i would have probably spent the time staring at the food lol. From what i found before i messed up while i was away for a week - it definately gets easier as it goes on the one down ish side i found was that i was getting bored - think thats my own fault though as i dont like many flavours lol.


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Hi Jodie

I think it definately gets easier. I am on day 26 now and I dont really have to think about it too much. I still have the occasional very hungry day but make ways to distract myself to take my mind off the food.

You are doing really well to have got to day 16 and you are managing to resist temptation so far.

Keep up the good work
I dont know if it gets easier, or you just dont know any difference,

Im now on my week 12 and if anything i find it to be a little boring !! still keen and want to get the rest of the weight off, counting down the days/weeks to AAM..

I.m on day 16 too and I wouldn't say it's easier per se I am just resigned to the fact that this is a really important job that I need to do to be truly happy.
I crave foods everyday, but I crave the need to be slim more!


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Am in wk 8 now ~ find it easier than the start in so far as I never do feel hungry as such, but I do crave the taste of food from time to time. Espesh if say the OH or my DD is cooking one of my favorite foods.

I like all the shakes, tetra's and bars (dont much like soups) but even with that variety I get a little bored with it ~ not because I want to eat unhealthy things ~ more becoz I miss having fruit, or being able to crunch on a carrot when the mood takes me. Also it's a lifestyle change in as much as I don't really socialise as often becoz folks I usually go out with get a bit tetchy that I'm not eating or drinking alcohol.

But my view is that's it's not forever and certainly I've had better results in a shorter time than I've had from years of yo you dieting ~ so I stick to it regardless.


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I am in week 12 now too and I would say that generally, for me, it has got easier to stick with the diet the longer I have been on it. I think it is because physically I am not hungry and mentally/emotionally I have got so used to abstaining from food that I don't tend to think about and crave it so much.

I still have my bad days once in a while where I really do feel tempted but generally these are not that frequent.

Also after 11-12 weeks of being faithful to the diet I can see such a huge difference in myself which only serves to make me more determined not to give into food and get to goal.


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I'm beginning week 7 tomorrow and find I am great through the week, but once the weekend hits OMG!!!!!

I think it gets to be a habit, you just do it and get on with it. You have to train your mind. My stomach doesn't want food, but my mind desires it still. I just accept that this is the way it is for a couple of more months, and I will eat again. I am even planning what I am going to eat over the Christmas period now - how sad it that???


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It stays easy now until you start nearing goal weight and you start thinking that you could lose the last bit with healthy eating etc, make sure that you finish what you started and while the diet is easy just make sure you don't jeopardise ketosis in anyway and hang in there.

You are doing great!!



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Hi JodieJoJo,

Very well done on your loss SO FAR! Brilliant!!

I think it is different for everyone, but I will be completely honest with you. It is soo much easier until that first slip up. So just stick to it 100%, or do the best you can anyhow, and you will be fine :) xxx
I definately agree with AM once you slip up ive found it as a long slippery slope.... Keep going your doing brilliant


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Thanks so much for all of your replies. They have been really helpful.


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