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Does it get harder?


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Firstly, well done on a brilliant first loss, that is really amazing. The physical effects of the diet are certainly at their worst during the first week when you're heading into ketosis. By 3 weeks, ketosis should be established enough for you to have the bars, mousse and water flavourings which help a lot of people stay on the straight and narrow.

In my opinion, the diet only becomes hard mentally and emotionally. Many of us here have problems with food- be it binge eating disorder, comfort eating or something else, it can be a hard time to go from eating what you want to very little at all. You WILL crave something, you WILL feel hungry at times, but your body doesn't need what you are craving, it is all in your head!

Your mindset toward the diet can be all that dictates whether you succeed or fail. I read a post a while back by Icemoose, who has done amazingly well on CD and is now a CDC. It basically said "remember, you have CHOSEN to do CD, whatever your reasons were, I'm sure they were good ones. Don't think of CD as a prison, somewhere you are trapped without food and enjoyment for months, think of it as the key to real freedom..... cause that is what it can give you"

There are some fantastically supportive and motivational posts on this forum, so if you have a weak moment, come here and have a browse. The inspirational pictures are amazing and can really help you remember why you are here. Hope this helps a bit xx


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you've got past the worst (IMO) and now it's just a matter of staying on track

as above, remember you chose CD for a reason, and I really think this forum, and setting up little goals helps

good luck x


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Just to reiterate, I would have given in ten times over if it wasnt for this forum. Anytime I feel miserable or like eating, I just log on here. It really works :)


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I don't agree that week one is the worst. Physically, yes it can be as you can suffer the headaches and effects of getting into ketosis. I personally found week 2 very difficult as I was craving food (my CDC says this is very common in weeks 2 and 3). I am now in week 4 and feel like I'm in the swing of it and it's becoming second nature.

I think CD, like all diets, is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster and there will be some weeks that it feels totally natural and easy, and some weeks where you struggle.

But using this forum is a great source of inspiration and support and we can all help each other get through it.


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Well i started a week ago and i got weighed after 6 days and had lost 14lbs in just 6 days. At the moment I'm finding it pretty easy and not getting headaches and not feeling depressed or anything. But will it get really hard soon?
On my first time, I sailed to ketosis without any headaches or anything but everytime that I have restarted since, I have suffered badly!!! It's like my body says "Not this again, no way!!! I remember last time!!!"

Well done for getting through Week 1. You've been lucky to not get any headaches etc. x


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S: 19st4lb C: 19st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 44.3 Loss: 0st4lb(1.48%)
I agree Guru- I found weeks 2 and 3 the worst emotionally, but Minimins got me through! These were the weeks when the initial rush of willpower wavered and I had to start breaking my bad habits. After the first week everything is a case of mind over matter, there is no actual physical hardship, even if your mind tells you there is. Thats why Minimins is so great, it helps put everything into perspective.


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I'm on week 14, and this has been the hardest as i had my 810 add a meal week last week....it was a culture shock eating again, but then hard getting back into the SS habit!
Emotionally, after 14 weeks, i'm a cabbage! My head hasnt caught up with my body and with excess skin, its hard to see why i am doing it...BUT....i know where i want to be and what weight i want to get down to....the will to succeed outweighs ANY difficulties that this diet can throw up hun!


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