Does it matter when we have the packs?

You can eat your packs whenever and however you like hun..
U will find a pattern that you prefer..
I saved mine until lunch then teatime then late evening.. but others cant leave eating until that long..
I guess it also depends when you get up in the morning..
easy for me to say... I dont have an early start!
Yep I used to have all four in the evening as that was my "danger time" and the cupboards were calling my name. Also took away the being deprived feelings as I always had the packs to look forward to.

I find I need to space them for breakfast, which is different for me as I never would eat a breakfast, (might do on holidays) for lunch time and one in the evening...

But, there has been times when I could not face the morning one and I do leave it as an extra treat in the afternoon.

For me missing a pack can spell danger as I had difficulty in taking the three a day and I know how important it is for energy level and my own health to make sure I do take three a day.

If I have to go out for dinner I will save a CD meal for the evening so that I feel full before heading out and I have a bar or tetra with me to have while others are eating.

Love Mini xxx
You can have them how and whenever you like :)... at least there's some sort of choice;)