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Does it work?

Hey there!!!

Yes it DOES work!!!

It is a GREAT diet!!!!

I suggest you do your research and give it a try.....

Down days you eat no more than 500 calories... on your Updays you eat what you want WITHIN moderation! You don't go crazy!! If you want a piece of cake, you can have a 1 PIECE, not the whole cake! LOL Its a GREAT diet!!!!

Give it a try! :)


Silver Member
so would:

apple & cinnamon for breakfast
pear for lunch
WW fish pie for tea

with sugar/fat free fizzy cream soda, flavoured water and plain water count as a down day?

Is it advisable to exercise on a down day? I have been on the treadmill this morning (20 mins) and plan to do a 30min gym session this evening.
Hi Shelz

Yes juddd is a great plan, easy to stick to as the fact you can have it tomorrow really does work. Plus by the next day you probably won't want it anyway :D

Yes that dd would be fine I should imagine, just need to count your cals to check you are spot on from the dd. Have a look at the website: UpDayDownDay Diet™ Plan – How to Succeed

Or you could also look at all our diaries on here in the diary section for some ideas, most of us list what we've eaten which will give you a good idea of what you can have. There is actually quite a lot you can have for 500 cals, the important thing is to plan your dds well.

Exercise wise it's best just to exercise on uds. Although I've just started having a 20min swim on dds, and today I actually did my legs bum and tum class for an hour on a dd. It depends how you feel really. I've been feeling fine today, but if I started feeling bad I wouldn't do it.

Good luck and let us know how you get on x

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