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Does Slimming World work for everyone? Not sure..


I joined Slimming World the week before last and only lost 3lb in my first week. As I have about 8 stone to lose, I thought my weight loss would have been bigger. Also, I had bad diarrhoea for about three days of that first week ( I think due to some very acidic kiwis and nectarines!) and thought this too may have led to me having a higher weight loss.

I have done SW in the past (about 12 years ago) and lost weight easily. Then I tried again about 3 years ago and I think lost 1 lb in the first week and the next or may even have maintained in the second week and was really disheartened and left.

Now I'm 3 years older - 54 - and am wondering if it's not going to work for me. I say this because it's two days to weighing in day and I've not lost any weight at all this week as yet.

I'm being very careful - writing everything down, weighing cereals, staying within syn limits and my SW advisor has agreed I'm doing everything correctly.

So, does anybody know of anyone for whom SW has not worked? I've paid for 10 weeks in advance which shows my commitment but I am beginning to feel a little disheartened again - though I'm sticking with the eating plan.

So, does it work for EVERYONE?

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hmmmm, dont know of anyone else thats struggled, but would be intersted to hear if anyone has anything to add, will look forward to following your progress hun x
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Has always worked for me however then put the weight back on after:break_diet:

Often lose 3 then 4 the next week.... am just starting again so I will see on monday.

good luck


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ok , let me be honest , im feeling a little dishearted myself ive done the plan for 6 months and have lost one stone , it seems a very slow loss for me , im trying and have enjoyed a few treats along , the way , i love my group and have loads of mates , so i dont want to leave has its like a little family now , so following my lovely leaders advice im extra easy this week , with no weigh in this week , to remove the pressure , hope thats helped , ps ive done lighter life and lost 2 and a half stone in 10 weeks , but let myself down by no following the maintance so , my advice is please follow the plan too the end for great results , good luck and what a fab weight loss rainbow
Hi Simmy, Lisa and Rainbow

Just a quickie for now as I'm rushing to get to work! I'll get back to you later today - thanks to you all for answering my question and being so lovely and supportive - it does make a difference.

Speak soon
Ursa x


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Hi Ursa,
I think it does work well, but I find that as I have got older (Im 47) the weight loss is slower. I do feel that if I did something else like WW i would lose weight quicker as it is more rigid BUT i also know that I wouldnt stick to it because of all of the counting and rigidity of the plan. I also find that when i do excercise the weight comes off quicker-but I am a bit of a slug!! My advice would be to stick with it, talk to your consultant-its worked for you before and I am sure it will work again-good luck x
Hi All

Sounds like you've had a similar experience to me Tracy - maybe it will work but take longer to do so.

I was talking to someone in work today who said it didn't work for her. She did mostly green days (like myself) and left SW when it didn't seem to be working. She tried WW but left and just cut down on the carbs which was the only way she could lose weight. That's what she's still doing.

Maybe SW doesn't work for everyone and yes probably exercise may help (I've just got a Wii Fit!) so I'll see how it goes. I may try and do mainly red days next week to see if that works any better but I don't want to keep eating so much meat.

I know what you mean about the rigidity of WW Tracy - I don't think I'd like that either. I do find SW easy to stick to - I just hope the bloody thing works for me! Oh well girls, fingers crossed eh! I'll let you know how I get on this week. x:)


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S: 20st4.5lb C: 17st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 41.8 Loss: 2st5.5lb(11.78%)
yup let us know.

thanks simmy, SW was fab while I stuck to it, but the rigidity and strictness (dont think thats a word) of LL is what I need now lol x
Hi All

Lost one and a half pounds this week so that's four and a half in all. As I said earlier, I would have expected my weight loss in the first couple of weeks to have been bigger as I have about 8 stone to lose though if I continue to lose I'll be happy.

My SW advisor has suggested I try Extra Easy - any comments on this? Has anyone tried this? You have to fill one third of your plate with Super-free foods so is this more restrictive?

I'm may try and see how I get on this next week following the 'normal' SW plan and decide after that. I'm going to be doing 30 mins on the Wii Fit every day this week too so onwards and upwards!:)


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Hi -

I did SW late last year and lost a stone but it was up and down. I re-joined when a local class fitted my schedule (which is why I stopped going the first time). I'd gained 7lbs back from the stone loss, but in all honesty it was because I was eating badly. I think had I maintained a sensible diet I wouldn have kept it off. I'm now another 5.5lbs lighter and so far so good.

I think SW works personally, but we're all very different. I'm 26 and relatively active which will help.

Have you spoken to your consultant?

Also bear in mind that a slower, more steady weight loss is better than a fast drop. Not only for maintaining of the new weight, but for your body too - so though you are dissapointed with the losses, it's still going the right way :)

Good luck xxx

My name is Tara and i have just joined on here.

I have been reading through all your threads and have just brought the new slimming world starter pack off ebay as i didnt want to join the club due to costs etc.

I have been a member for a short while in 2009 where i did the extra easy plan and i ended up put1ting on 2-4lbs and so i stopped and left.

I think it may have been becaue i didnt have a job at the time and so was stuck at home and probably eating too much,although i did still exercise regularly??

Anyway how have people found the extra easy plan?
And how much do you eat on it? Alot? There are lots of free foods?

Nice to meet you all!!

Tara :bliss:

Yoyo dieter

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I've been doing SW meticulously for 5 weeks and gone to classes, kept a food journal. I've lost and gained but overall I'm heavier than when I started SW. I'm sticking with it (not sure why) but a bit depressed about it to be honest. Everyone else seems to have at least lost a pound here or there :-(


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Yoyo dieter have you got a food journal we can look over? has the class consultant given you feedback on this?!
What plan are you following? x


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Hey - it might do you good to try EE.

I did EE and Green days (but mostly EE) and I had losses every single week. I noticed some people saying that they have better losses on Red days, so being the impatient person I am, I switched to red, and last WI for the first time ever, I had a gain. Only 0.5lbs so it's not the end of the world, but it was surprising, so I have a sneaking suspicion that the Red days don't suit me.

I'm still doing Red days up until my next WI on Wednesday, and if I don't have a loss I'm going to go back to EE and Green again, so it just goes to show that what works for one person may not work for the next.

I think my main problem with the Red days is that I am hungry quite a lot and I believe that may be slowing me down.

EE is a great plan - just make sure you pack in lots of superfree!

Good luck!!! :D


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My old C always told us "if you stick to plan 100% you will lose weight", and it's true, thats why money back guarantees etc are offered, and its so easy (and i do it myself sometimes) to not remember this bite of something naughty or that crust or those kids leftovers which all add up, theres a couple of good posts on here which just remind you, i believe one is called mrs sogood and i cant remember the other. Food Diarys and weekly planning is also VITAL for me to stick to it.


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I didnt know they do money guarentees!!! *sulks*
I was following plan and gained 1lb (was doing SAS) was then informed it was the hormones I was on lol x
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How do you do SAS. My c said I may have to do that next week if I still dont lose much. Thanks delleh


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You will only lose weight if you only eat until your stomach (not your head) is satisfied. I had to give up with SW as i really was unable to tell when I had eaten enough. When I looked at the recipes from the magazines, the portion sizes were so much smaller than I was cooking myself eg they recommended 40 gms of rice per portion I was cooking near on 80 !!! If I felt peckich there was so much free food to stuff my face on. Food I really didn't need. Since eating so much smaller portions and only snacking within a certain limit I am no more hungry than before. If your losses are non existant my advice would be eat freely but slowly and before reaching for seconds wait twenty minutes. Serve your food on a smaller plate and only snack on fruit or veg or from your syns rather than having the equivalent of another meal.
This is an old thread from 2009.

However that said, I am not sure how it can be assumed the diet might not be working. The OP lost 3lbs, that is a good amount of weight. Having more to lose doesn't always mean it comes off quicker. It is a complete myth, it will depend on lots of factors as to how quickly the weight comes off. Everyones metabolism works different and it also depends on what your eating habits were like before.

As long as the weight is coming off then the plan works. I do think sometimes we have too high expectations in regards to weight loss. We need to look at this as a new way of eating for life. Okay, yes it is nice to have big losses, but certainly try not to get your heart set on it, as you may be heading for disappointment.

It can also be common to gain in the first few weeks while you adjust to the new way of eating.

If you are giving 100%, sticking to all the advice slimming world gives (such as 1/3 superfree and eating till satisfied, not eating for the sake of it just because food is free) and also not doing any of the many tweaks that are not advised by slimming world and which I often see posted on here and elsewhere. Then the weight will start coming off. Yes it might be slow, but it will come off.

Trust the plan, I say :)

My weight loss has been slow, but to be honest I have never really seen slimming world as a diet, because how can it be? with all the yummy free foods available to us. To me it has helped me to make much healthier choices, while still enjoying my food and I love the plan so much.

Brightenrosie has also raised some really good points. I also found this article a little while back that I thought was a really interesting read:

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I joined slimming world at the end of jan, have been to group every week and also stayed for image therapy. I have followed the extra easy plan since day 1. So far I have lost just over 1 stone and have noticed that the less exercise I do the bigger my weekly losses have been. I weighed in on Thursday after doing no exercise all week and lost 5.5lb and got slimmer of the week. It's working really well for me and I'm also really enjoying it. Hope things work out for you and wish you all the luck in the world x

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