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does SW work without excercise???

hello everyone! this is my very first post!
i'm just wondering if slimming world is going to work for me without the gym or any excercise? i do love excercise but i've really ruined one of my knees and it's gonna be a while before i can do anything active! i am sticking to the plan, and having about 10 syns a day...is this okay too?
also...can i REALLY eat as much free food as i want???
SW seems too good to be true !!! but everyone on here seems to be doing really well on this plan! :confused:
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Welcome to the club!
I don't go to a gym, only Aquatone for 45mins some weeks but not for several weeks due to School hols. Lost over 4 stone so far!
Yes you can eat as much free food as you want, but stop when you are full, don't binge! I try to have my 1/3 plate of veg/super speed and a salad, also a lot of fruit whenever possible per week!


aha well done! you're obviously doing really well!! thanks for reminding me that fruit exists too!! i know it's very bad, but i didn't weigh myself when i started this diet ... because i think i would have a mental breakdown at the number on the scales!! but i definitely feel a lot healthier and have lots more energy! hopefully soon enough i'll be uploading my own picture in trousers that are too big!! thank you!


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You can definitely do this plan without exercise. I have done very little since starting SW although I have good intentions.........

Free food is free food but you should make sure that your plate is 1/3 superfree (ideally even on green/red as well as EE although only 'essential' on EE) and only eat until you are full. However, having said that, it is amazing how much you can eat and still lose weight.

Hope it goes well for you.

Gail x


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Great advice from bilsat and Gail there, but just to add my experience for what it's worth... I lost really well without exercising at all when I first started but as I've got nearer to target I've found I struggle to lose if I do none whatsoever.

I'd say stick to the plan without it for as long as it works for you but if your weight loss starts to slow it might be an idea to have a think about some exercises you can do, what about swimming or even walking would they be suitable?

Best of luck with achieving your goals!



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Just to confirm you can and will lose weight without exercise, but one of the great advantages is that as you lose weight, you may feel inspired to do more exercise. If inspired isn't the correct word, you may find the lesser strain on your knee allows you more freedom and movemnt.

Ok so you'll not be pounding the streets jogging (I wouldn't want to anyway as it goes) but walking, swimming, aerobic-type stuff will all have a positive affect.

Best of luck

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I have lost 2st 3lbs on s w on the red and green plans and I must confess I am an exercise slob. Have been at target now for 2 and half months and still enjoying my s w food. Hope you enjoy your s w journey too exercise or no exercise, although if you could do a bit I suppose it would help

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