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Does TOTM affect the weight loss?

I am afraid so :( You can even gain a bit of water weight on totm. Its best to expect to not lose anything so if you do its a bonus!

TOTM has been my downfall in the past. I would try so hard to stick to shakes and then not lose anything by weigh day... it was such a downer! This time round i expected to not lose anything so was pleasntly supprised when i lost 3lbs! I am not sure how it works, but i think some people lose more the week after totm which kind of makes up for it.


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Yes it can do, it doesn't effect me that much if at all but don't expect a big loss and if you do have one it will be a bonus!


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It might affect your weight loss, it might not. Everyones body is different so there is no definate answer to your question.

I mean, me for example - i had my totm from week 2 right through to week 22 constantly and it didnt affect my losses at all.


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It all depends hun I have always stayed the same at totm, others have a lesser lose and others put on, any one of those is not a problem because even if you put on it will go plus some the next week :}


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Yeah it does affect your weight loss, you usually see a bigger loss the week after, you retain water at totm but it doesnt mean you havent lost weight, just your body holding more water :) xx

Fraid not. As i said, everybodys body is different and it cant be said that it definatly affects everyones weight loss.


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no matter what diet ive been on ive always sts on totm :(


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Everyone's different but it does seem to affect me :(
Last time I only lost 2lbs (I say only but it is still pretty good), and this week again showing 2lbs so far but weigh in tomorrow so i'm holding out for another lb ;)
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It never affected me. Although my TOTM has been a nightmare on LT. It's the only time I feel as if I'm hungry!

It may or may not. As Tanya Jane said - Everyone is different. Keep positive, stick to plan 100% and you could be surprised!


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i always stay the same which is a bummer but sometimes have a bigger loss the next week, but as people say we're all different