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Does TOTM affect your weigh in?


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if it does effect your loss just keep going and imagine the loss the following week!! i started in week one right through to wi in week two...i did feel bloated so well see this week if it makes any difference?....xx
What did I say about chucking the scales away until the end???? Just have your weekly WI and dont keep hopping on the scales...that has disaster written all over it.


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For some it affects for some it doesnt!

I have been on a totm now for over 3 weeks constant. Not heavy just there goddammit!

But have been on LT for 8 weeks now and have a totm for just over 5of the 8 weeks .. and my weight lossess have been fairly consistent.
usually around 4lbs a week so for me at the minute i cant see that they are affecting me. Although i am drinking 4.5ltrs of water a day so maybe it helps.
hi i had my 3rd weigh in today and was so disappointed when i was told i onlylost 11/2 lb but i was asked if it was totm and it is, so i dont feel so bad now, also the doctor has put me on emcor and i have noticed my rings are very tight this last few days....any advice please. i am drinking 3-4 litres of water with my shakes which i also make with extra water.....staying on and hope the scales will be at a lower numbernext week....


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I started my period today and feel incredibly bloated so it wasn't much of a surprise when I got told I'd only lost 2lbs. However, I do need to make sure I start drinking more water as I've started to slack on that.
Awww us poor girlies and our monthlys. Big hugs for all xxxxxxxxx
I have not noticed any difference in my losses when I am on TOTM, but we are all different and water retention in some people can cause bloatedness and slight gain. It should even out the following week.
I only lost 1.5 lbs this week and I am totally putting it down to the TOTM... I have stuck to the diet religiously and so there must be something because to not eat all week and only lose that much would mean there is something seriously wrong with my metabolism otherwise!
I started LT on the wedneday and totm arrived on the monday a day before weigh in on my first week and i still lost 13 lb everyones different though and it was a first week weight so i'll have to see what happens this month! eek:sigh:
deb x

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