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Does watching your weigt get you down???

Hi ladies just wondered if im the only one who has to ALWAYS watch there weight weight???
It just seems ive always been on a diet for the past 18 years loosing the same stone and putting it back on on holidays and xmas. Im the one who always say no to a night out as i want a good week and when i get weigh in STS. Even though im moaning on a bit everything is great in my life just my weight. Why can something as important to me be so hard to acheive.....i love food. Going on a family holiday in 7 weeks and feeling regret of booking a holiday. Booked it a year ago and thought it would be an insentive to loose weight lol.
So today i will start a food diary and drink more water, measure my milk and walk the dog. Sharon x :wave_cry:
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Now to maintain.....
yes it does!!
im going for my fourth weigh in tonight and every day since i have started,at the very least i have weighed myself first thing and then at my weigh in time(5.30),often a few times in the day too!!
whilst i have stayed on plan it does get me down an awful lot where it shouldnt!!
im going to resolve to not get on those scales!!!!


is working hard.....
Hi - I know what you mean! I'm a real foodie - love shopping for it, growing it, making it, eating it - the works. In my ideal world food would not be linked to weight gain/loss - imagine that!!

But yes, it gets me down. My whole adult life I've been up, down, and never really stayed the same. My wardrobe stretches from a 12 to a 22!!

I think though, that my mindset is changing as I (rapidly) approach 40. I want to just be positive about me!! So SW is ideal, in terms of encouraging healthy eating of real food and regular exercise.

Go for it - you can do so much in 7 weeks so your holiday can still be an incentive. And remember (in the words of L'oreal) you are worth it. Enjoy your walk, and have a good day! xx :)


Starting again!
while i lived with my parents i was always dieting along with my mom and it always got me down :(

since moving out and starting my own family im finding it much easier. i have been angry with my weight gain over the last few years, after having my daughter i lost loads (thanks to breastfeeding) but once i stopped i started eating rubbish again and put it and more back on.
i have had enough! now i find it quite exciting! i know that im trying to loose this weight so it doesnt get me down, i just think about how great it will feel after its done! :D


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Ive always had to watch my weight. And get this my cousin and i are the same height, same size clothes same shoe and bra size and i am a good stone heavier:cry:
If i stay the same or loose then gain then loose etc i ask myself honestly am i sticking to it 100% I try and kid my self i am but i'm not really.
But i always do much much better when i keep a food diary x
I'm the same my husband jokes that i've been on a diet for twenty years and I'm bigger now than I've ever been at just under twelve stones. I can remember going to s.w when I was nine and a half stones because I thought I was chubby.I've always watched what I eat even when I'm not at s.w I truly deserve to be slim it's sooo not fair. jo
It has been getting me down recently while i was on ww, id just had enough and kept bingeing. Its my first day and it is difficult not to feel deprived even thought i dont really want the food i crave.
Its just something we have to deal with if we want to achieve the losses. it sucks lol
yeah it does.. it took me a while to realise even when your at target, food will always be a really big part, somthing you will constantly have to watch.. i will never be so lucky to just eat what i want and not suffer for it..

it really does suck somtimes, and on a bad week it gets me down.. other weeks its just so natural now.. its just life!

Becca Wecca

skinny minny here I come!
It can get me down sometimes and I find it difficult to stick to plan, just want to have a massive blow out, but manage to control it, then there are other weeks where I find it really easy to stick to and really enjoy doing the diet. To be honest I really think it depends on my mood. The happier I am the more motivated I am!

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