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Does weight loss pick up again?


losses are almost *always* far greater in week 1. If by "messed up" you mean cheated and ate something then a 1lb loss ain't bad. If you stick to it 100% you can expect regular losses of about 3-5lbs a week :)

Each week will be different though, moreso for you ladies as your TOTM will mess with weigh due to water retention etc but you'll usually see a greater loss the following week so it all balances out.

But, some weeks will just be a STS (Stay The Same) or a 1lbs loss for no evident reason, it's just the body adapting and coping with what it's being put through, which after all, is a heck of a lot on LL!


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Try looking at a bigger picture. You will lose about a stone a month if your 100%.

The first loss is just water and glycogen so you usually gain most of that back when you're back into food.

It is early days for you yet, keep going. You won't see losses like it on any other diet.


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yeah as FT said the first week or so is just water weight and glycogen
for me my weight loss was averaging 6-7lbs for the 11weeks i was on the plan :)


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I think, in general, men's losses are more than women's. I lose an average 3-4lbs/week and am happy with that. If you are sticking to the plan 100% you WILL lose weight, but everyone's losses are different, and you need to monitor yours for a few weeks, then work out the average.

Good luck.


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Thanks guys, bar once 2 weeks ago i have stuck to the plan 100%, i very quickly learn't that cheating and LL don't go together. I only have about 3-3.5 stone to lose so always knew my losses might not as big as others who have a lot more to lose, but if i continue to loss 1.5lb a week i won't loose the 3 stone in 14 weeks which i find dissapointing.

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
Hi Karen

I appreciate your worry - but if you follow the diet like you now are, and trust in it, it will work.

I lost 10 stone in 10 months, and there were some weeks where I lost only ounces....;) At the end of th 10 months, my average loss was 4 pounds a week....when mahy weeks were only 1 pound or less - two or three weeks with just 2 ounces lost!! But it all averages out to the quickest loss I heve ever experienced - and worth every day of it.

It will work for you. Keep the faith!! :)



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Thanks BL, i guess having the bigger losses in the begining were great but can't be maintained, i just feel that i'am having so few calories that i can't understand that i have lost so little. Hopefully it will pick up and i will just concentrate on what i HAVE lost.

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
It will. It would be great if we could sustain those large losses!! but our poor bodies would not be able to cope with that.

Scientifically, there is no way this will not work. It is designed that the calories in, ensure a stone a month. Rarely someone may take 5 weeks for a stone, but on average, it all works out the same.

While the losses slow down some, ther will still be 4-5 pound losses that are always a pleasant suprise - this bringing the average to where you want it!

That is the beauty of this diet. When followed, there is no possible way it will not work. :)

Keep rockin it! You will be slim and gorgeous before you know it!! :D


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Thanks bl I needed reminding of all this having had a one pound loss this week :(
keep the faith Karen!