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Does your consultant...

its your choice if you stay or not, but if you arnt and you do achieve your award just mention it at the scales.. my c usually hands me my sticker and says well done and will congratulate me in class again the week after if i stay xox
I'm not sure how your 'c' can make you stay, but mine always gives out awards at the start. If you are entitled to your stone award have a word with her and ask if you can have it at the start, or when you weigh. We always get asked if we are staying, and if we are not then they give us the award then.

Anyway - good luck and hope you do get your stone award this week.
well done on achieveing your 1 stone btw - our consultant usually is doing new members but the team weigher would give you the sticker but stay it might be fun lol
How would she make you stay? Chain you to the radiator?

Seriously, ask your consultant. Say you can't stay, so what would she do about giving you your award. Sometimes at our class the consultant has said "xxx should have had her xxx award last week, but she couldn't stay, so here it is now" - and then we can all congratulate that person.

If you don't want the fuss, but want the sticker, then say so. You're the customer.
Have you been to a taster evening before? Are you worried about what to take?

I like these evenings best of all, find them very enjoyable and learn such a lot! Not everybody cooks, we can always bring fruit like grapes or fruit salad, which can easily be shared, or a box of salad or cherry tomatoes, even make up a packet of cous cous, eg the Ainsley Harriott ones, or a Batchelors Pasta n Sauce or Savoury Rice - chances are that people will be pleased to taste them before they consider buying them themselves!

All I would add would be to LABEL what you take, with its SYN value, so that everyone knows what it is!

Good Luck with your stone award - do hope that you have a good evening!


I am one of the 63336
Hope you got your award. As the others say, if you tell them you're not staying then they will give you your award at the scales.

I don't enjoy the taster meetings so tend to go after weighing at them.
I seem to be missing out with my consultant - he is lovely but since I have been going (since Sept) apart from a christmas party when "we eating and drinking whatever we want" there hasn't been any kind of evening other than the standard telling of weight loss.

I would love taster evenings!
Hi. The way I look at it is that it is my class for me to benefit from in any I like. Whether that be just weighing in and going or staying. My C would say the same.

Take what you want and leave the rest.

We had a taster yesterday morning at my class. It was lovely. Very relaxed and fun. I cooked some low-syn sausages from Tescos to take in. Seemed to go down well, I didn't feel I was up to making anything complicated!

I always enjoy staying to class, it sets me up well for the next week.
i u don't have to cook to go to tasters cause not everybody wants to or can but doesn't mean u should be excluded you don't have to take anything it is optional but if u want to you can take brought low syn products at ours last week we had a mix of cooked and brought and it was nice cause i found some brought things i didn't know about.
julesy why not ask for a tasty evening hun
Julesy, I echo the above. ASK for a taster evening, as you can see, lots of people don't actually COOK!!!

I'd say that to EVERYONE whose Consultant doesn't arrange this, it's an important part of SW classes IMO!
thanks guys - I might sound the out the other members in the group first:sigh:- wouldn't be much point if i was the only one interested - and maybe he's tried in the past and not had any interest!

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