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Doesn't it make you mad?

It really annoys me when I eat or drink out and it's like they're determined to cram all the sugar/fat into every mouthful! If I go to starbucks and have my usual skinny latte they'll easily pop 5+ pumps of syrup into it, that's 5 syns straight up! I'm lucky I'm in there so much they know I'm watching what I'm eating and one even does SW with me, just wish that got me free coffee lol.
And I'm off to Cardiff for a meal with a mate of mine later and most of the restaraunts and pubs we eat in now serve chips instead of jacket potatoes. I don't want chips dripping with the fat they've been fried in, I don't want to have to watch my syns for the week because they're 22+ syns, I want a jacket potatoe so I can be happy I followed a healthy diet! Yes the chips are yummier and so much more tempting if they're already in front of me but I should be able to choose for myself dammit! Rant over but God help the good people of Cardiff if I can't find anywhere that serves jacket potatoes today, I will not have my diet dictated to me by lack of choice! So there lol.
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Quite right hunny! It is super frustrating. So many places don't support us dieters! I hope you manage to find a good solution today!


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Ask for sugar free syrup in Starbucks - it's freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

I always have a skinny sugar free vanilla latte and count it as my A choice for the milk.
It's available but I hate the chemical aftertaste of it, I just ask them to put 2 pumps of the normal syrup and just take it as 2 syns. But if they didn't know me like they do in my Starbucks they'd load it with syrup, so sugary and wasteful as you don't need that much to be able to taste it.


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I agree it's annoying! Even if you get a salad they cover it in french dressing (3.5 for 1 level tbsp) or oil or both!

Luckily I go to the same pub a lot (well for the past 4 years!) and they know me so if I tell them I don't want al lthe crap on it they're quite good. They even weighed out some ice cream for me once :p
I could just have a steak and a side salad but then they charge me for the salad and most of the time plonk the chips on anyway, plus in walkabout they class a bowl of rocket as a salad!?! I don't want a bowl full of rocket! Grrrrr!


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I can't stand rocket! Personally I would kick off, going up to the bar and throwing a chip per sylibol; I-said-I-don't-want-any-f***-ing-chips - but that's just me. A lot of pubs are quite good with swapping things, but some are a right pain in the backside!
I never wanted to make a scene before but seeing as I've lost 4lb this week I'm not letting them get away with it. Oh and if you happen to read about a raving loony arrested for throwing food at bar staff it's only little old me and they put chips on my plate and they deserved it lol


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You are paying for your meal so you should have what you want - tell them you will go elsewhere if they don't serve your meal just as you like it...

Good Luck, and if I see on the news that there has been a fracas in a Cardiff resturant, I shall know who it is, LOL....

Enjoy your meal out tonight.

I love rocket......I like the peppery taste of it.


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I really don't like places like Yates, Walkabout, Brewer's Fayre and other such chains, it's all sub standard stuff out of the freezer/packet and chucked in the fryer or micro. Grr... I paid a tenner once for a ready meal canneloni. I was mortified!! I always ask to swop chips for a jacket or new pots and they should be able to offer this service.

I now go to local pubs who use local produce and don't mind paying a tenner for that!!

Rant over, sorry :-(

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If you ask a pub if they do jacket potatoes instead, you would be surprised by the ones that do Huni...they just dont advertise them!
Also from memory there was a spud u like in Cardiff and there used to be a jacket potato cart.
Just enjoy your day.
After all that we didn't go for a meal! We went to see Transformers 2 Rise of the Fallen, awesome film but I won't get into that because I'll be here all night lol. I took some home made popcorn with me and managed not to get caught (he he!) but I had about 6 or 7 sweets from pick & mix. I don't think it was too bad in comparison with what my mate had, 3 scoops of B & J ice cream, a big bag of Revels, large full fat Coke and 2 packs of Greggs sandwiches before we even got there! He's been to SW with me and could not get his head around it so gave up and goes on and on and on about losing weight and looking good. But hey, you can't save people from themselves!