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doesthis affect the SW eating plan


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Some say that drinking lots of water helps weight loss but I'm not sure how true that is.

I drink at least 2l of water a day, always have.

Good luck with your challenge!


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I think the main function of water is that it flushes out impurities. It can also help with the 'bunged upness' that excess fibre can give you.

Also, it will help you determine whether you're actually hungry or just thirsty. You're less likely to reach for the biscuit barrel with a bellyful of water ;)


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I try to drink plenty of water each day as i am led to believe it helps with weight loss and also is good for you.

If anything it should have a positive effect.


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I drink at least 2 lts water each day except for weigh-in day when I just take sips now and again and especially not much from afternoon until 7.00pm weigh-in


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Not having enough water will certainly impede weight loss as your body needs plenty of water to digest things and ,as someone said before, flush things out.

Just be prepared to go for a wee a lot the first day if you haven't been drinking as much before while your body gets used to the extra water

...I think when I first started drinking more water my body said OMG ENEMY INCOMING... flush it out!!!! lol I was continually looking for toilets in a hurry when out of the house hehe

This is the official advice from the SW website:

Q: Will drinking plenty of water improve my weight loss?

A: Contrary to popular belief, drinking water doesn’t magically speed up weight loss or increase your metabolic rate. Feelings of thirst, however, are often mistaken for feelings of hunger so drinking a glass of water rather than a packet of crisps can allay that feeling. Water also keeps you hydrated and lubricated, so it’s important to include around 6-8 glasses or 1½-2 litres of fluids a day (that includes low calorie squash, juices, tea and coffee.)
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if i drink 1.5ltrs of water a day for one week every couple of weeks i usually get a 3 lb loss. . i genuinly believe the odd week every couple of months makes a difference as my body isnt used to it xxx


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I lost 1lb a week for 3 weeks running. Then, I started drinking about 1.5 litres of water a day. The 4th week I lost 3lbs and then last week I lost 2lbs. I did wee a LOT though!!!


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I believe that it does make a difference and try to have at least 1.5 litres every day. Carry a water bottle with me everywhere to help me get it in.
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I tried it the week before last and lost 3lb last week I didn't bother and only lost a lb yet diet wise I had been better last week. so this week I'm back on the water.
our cons gave us a talk about water last week and this week the weightlosses were great a lot of 3, 4 and 5's all said they had tried water
maybe we should do a trial our selfs one group that want to drink the water and one group the want to stick as they are and see how the wait losses compare after a month

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