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Doing it for me...

When out with a group of friends and a camera - felt really rubbish and got fairly upset... explained to oh how much i hate seeing photos of me the next day and how i look compared to friends...

he loves me how i am and is very complimentary and says if he thinks i'm beautiful isnt that all that matters and why should i care what other people think?

it's so hard to explain to him its for me - to feel good about me...

anyone else with same problem????
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i used to be such a camera loving person and recently ive found my self de tagging my self from alot of photos on facebook because i think i look repulsive


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My fiancée is always telling me off for belittling myself, because I'm always pointing out the negatives about myself, and she thinks I'm gorgeous, but when I look in the mirror, I just cant see what she is saying.

Some days I have a good body image day and think, Ooo I dont look bad today, and then other days I just cant see it.

I have had body image problems for years really, hasn't helped having bad previous relationships, with a lot of negative reinforcement tbh.


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Put me on the list. I know how dreadful I look but my OH is happy with me how I am. BUT he has said he will be happy with me however I look and just wants me to be happy so is supporting me with losing weight.


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My hubby always said he loved me the way I was but I hated it.
He has always been very supportive and loves they way I am now and knows I am much happier so that makes him happy too.

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I'm exactly the same. my OH tells me i'm beautiful no matter what, and tells me i look good in outfits, I just can't see it myself. When i see slimmer prettier girls i can get soooo jealous wishing I looked as good as them!!

I'm just looking forward to getting to the stage where i feel good and happy with what i look like so when my OH tells me i look good i can say "hell yeah i do!!!!" :D

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