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Doing it through doctors or pharmacy?

Cherry Blossom

In it for the long haul!
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I preferably want to follow lipotrim through my doctors (a few medical conditions means I see them very often and I would like to link this up with everything else IYKWIM).

I notice nearly everyone goes through a pharmacy for theirs. Is there a difference? Is it something I 'can' do through my gp?

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I think if u have a few medical conditions it would prob be a good idea to do it through your doc, i believe its a little cheaper 2 which is a bonus. i think at the docs they mitor u a little closer but not sure if there are anyother dipperences. best of luck x
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You can do it through the doctors - I did originally go to mine, but, they didn't know anything about LT & then didn't want to get involved with it once they had read up on it. Still, if you're there quite a lot, it might be easier to convince them & alternatively, you could just get them to monitor the programme while going to the Pharmacy.

Good luck! :)


Cherry Blossom

In it for the long haul!
S: 20st11.5lb C: 20st11.5lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 48.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I've just phoned my doctors to see if they offer this.... they are a huge practice and so I was surprised to be told that they do not do it.

I'm kind of nervous doing it through the pharmacy... I have anxiety issues and meeting new people and new places does not bode well with me. I need to re-think this all through and see if I could be confident enough to do it through the pharmacy.


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Hi MrsCQ,

If you phone up your nearest Pharmacy that do it and explain your situation I am sure they will try and accommodate you with quieter times for appointments and that you have the same person looking after you each time you visit...as at the end of the day you are a potential customer.

They do have a private Lipotrim place to weigh you in and chat to you, it is not like you are in plain view of everyone.

If they can't you go look at doing Cambridge Diet which is around the same and most counsellor's do it in their own home and some even offer home visits, it is probably a little bit extra to cover petrol.

Love Mini xxx
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or if u really wanna do this one take a close friend or family member with u each time untill u find yourself comfortable with them.

Good luck in whatever u decide x


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You need to discuss this with someone 'qualified' in the use of Lipotrim as some of your medical conditions may prevent you from doing it if they're serious enough to see the doctor that often?

irish molly

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Hi, I agree with the posts recommending that you need to discuss with your GP first. If you have a number of medical conditions then it is most important that you have proper medical advice.
A friend of mine who had various medical issues wanted to do this diet. She discussed it with her GP who did not advise that she follow it as it was contraindicated with both her meds and some of her health issues.
Chat with the GP first. They may not prescribe lipotrim themselves but can advise on the appropriateness of using a VLCD such as lipotrim. Take it from there, you can then decide how best to tackle the weight issue. Lots of luck.