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Doing nothing = better loss than when excersizing?


Serena's title didn't fit
Hi everyone,

Last week I lost 2,6 kilograms on our scales at home and I didn't do much. This week I lost 0,4 kilograms on the same scales and I drove my bike to school and back (30mins each way!!) 3 times!!! I exhausted myself exercising and it hasn't paid off at ALL.

Now I feel rather down... Is it better to just do nothing while doing CD? :s Rather than try to up your excersize?

I checked on our digital scales and my muscle % hasn't gone up either...

Help :(
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Your muscle wont have gone up as you are in calorie deficit. You can only gain muscle if you eat more than maintenance calories, but exercise will help preserve what you have.

Your muscles could be holding on to some water though, hence the scales giving the wrong answer;) That's very common.


Serena's title didn't fit
Confused, do you mean you walked 30mins each way?
Oops, sorry, typo hehe... editted it. Bike ride each way, 30min when I do it at a reasonable pace.. 40 - 45 when I take it a bit slower.

@ KD: I hope so.. I was so motivated to go to school by bike this week and now I just feel like it hasn't paid off :(
I love going to the gym and have found it has made a huge difference not necessarily to weight-gain but body shape on the way down. Given the diet is so low in calorie, and all diets reduce muscle mass, it makes sense to me to keep up weight-bearing and aerobic exercise to keep what muscle I have, as well as the metabolism boost I get from doing it.

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