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Doing something wrong???

Oops, well that's a sign that something's not quite right, but don't be embarrassed Nicki, we're all here to support each other, so hopefully we'll be able to help you sort out what's not quite right.
Your weight loss is a really good one, so that doesn't concern me at all, and you're obviously on the right lines to lose 3lbs in a week, but the oil isn't something you should get if you're following the Xenical rules 100%.

Have you thought about posting a food diary on here, so other people could maybe give you some advice? It's really the only way to try and work out what might be not quite right. Sometimes we don't get the side-effects straight away, so think back over the past 2-3 days. Is there anything you think may have caused the side-effects?

You may already know this, but with Xenical, you need to check the packets of the things you eat, and make sure that they don't contain more than 5g of fat per 100g of food. You also shouldn't be eating more than 15 of fat in total for one meal (so 45g for the day).

Some things that you may think would be OK, such as eggs, actually contain more fat than we're 'allowed' so it may just be something as simple as that, but don't worry, it's early days yet and you're probably still working out what you can and can't eat with the Xenical.

Welcome to Minis by the way :) You really are in the right place to find all the advice and support you'll need.


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im just going to say welcome, because alex has said it all!

we are all here to help, and dont feel embarresed! it means that the tablets are working, and that you need to change something in the diet...

3lbs is amazing.... i wish i could be pulling those kinds of numbers...
i only lost 4lbs in the first week of me taking them but thats because i was too scared to eat anything other than salad!! lol

hope things look brighter now, and remember post a food diary, it does help and it is a great way to look back in a few months and go... wow ive come such a long way!!

It won't be the fruit Nicki, fruit is fine to eat, so you wouldn't get the side effects with that.
It might give you the runs a bit, especially if you're not used to eating a lot of fruit, but what you're describing is definitely a side-effect of eating too much fat in something.

The orange oil is a dead giveaway I'm afraid, but don't worry, we'll find out what's causing it! I'll pop over to your diary when I get a sec, and I'm sure the others will have a look too.


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on my way>>>>>>

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