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dont eat flapjacks!!!


I will be skinny again!!!
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I love the chicken soup!

a pinch of pepper makes it gorgeous!! it feels like a proper meal because its hot :)


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I like the soup too, but the reactions on here are pretty mixed ha ha , much like the flapjacks, some people swear by them...not in the way you did after you were ill though lol!, x


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I like the soup - and I wouldn't be without the flapjacks ... sorry you're not getting on with them. x


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I'm not a fan of either really. The flapjacks made me throw up and the soup was fine for a few days and then made me sick too. Now I'm just on the shakes and loving it!


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have never liked flap jacks so wouldnt try them. The soup made me throw up, so I am just on the shakes also

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
i like the soup!


maintaining since June'09
S: 15st9.5lb C: 10st13.6lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 24.8 Loss: 4st9.9lb(30.02%)
have never liked flap jacks so wouldnt try them.
I wouldn't let that stop you - these are not like any f/j you'll have ever tried before :)


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I just stick to the vanilla hot mostly with coffee and I love it. I also have the odd hot chocolate. I tried coffee for the 1st time the other day in my chocolate shake as somebody here had suggested and it was delicious. On my next weigh in I will get more chocolate shakes. I ususally get 18 vanilla and 3 choccy so thanks to whoever suggested that. I tried the flap jack once ,because they sounded so nice and I wanted to find out for myself what all the fuss was lol. Sorry I did that I ended up missing a meal because of it. I tried most of the day to eat it and only got a quarter way through and that was sharing it with my family who still havent forgiven me for it. I offered my 3 kids a bite of it and they went straight to the bin to spit it out. I also tried the strawberry shake and found that a bit sickly. The soup I thought was okay but later on it gave me indigestion so I never tried it again
The flapjacks were like what i would imagine horse food to taste like!! lol, The soup wasn't too bad, i could drink it and keep it down but wasn't overly fussed and will probably stick to shakes, but there isn't really anything not to like about them, just pretty bland xxx
i cant stand the flapjacks.......they even smell so bad- i dont know how you managed to get through a whole one!!!
wasnt mad on the chicken soup.........i was told by my pharmacist that you cant add pepper until you are on refeed?? anyone know if this is true??
i am LIVING on the chocolate shake with 2 spoons of coffee and ice......tastes yum
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cant stand the flap jacks!!.... my dad tried a bit of one of mine and described as like chewing tobbacco.... lol their so dry and taste rank!!.... i liked de soup for de first while on my last diet but began to get quite sickened by it, also it never mixed properly so der was always clumps of powder stuck together which i couldnt and cant stand!!....


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I really like the soup, I have it every evening as it feels like I am having a proper dinner!!


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The flapjacks are the worst thing that I have ever tried. I was so shocked with how bad they actually were i felt inclined to share with the parents at the Day Nursery where I work. All spat it out and couldn't believe that they were actually edible, lol I still have a giggle now thinking back at it


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I couldn't even finish the soup and the flapjacks are definitely an aquired taste, or maybe not!! I just stick to the shakes but we are all different and life would be boring if we were all the same! xx


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I tried the flap jacks for the first time last week. OMG. I have never tasted or smelled anything so vile. Difficult to throw up when you are a passenger in a car. I had to scrub my tongue LOL.

I think i will stick to shakes. Had soup twice only.


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It took me a while to get accustomed to both the shakes and soup but after a while I found myself actually looking forward to them.

I tried the coconut flapjack and struggled with it. Have also tried the peanut one and found that a little better.

I think that persistence pays off and the other day, I did find myself without any LT from 7am to about 3pm which is too long for me and the peanut flapjack which I nibbled in my car was life-saver. I could only eat tiny mouthfuls at a time though. They are soooo dry. I chuckle as I think they are the sort of thing I'd expect to buy in a hardware shop!!

I saw a really good piece of advice here which was to look at your food as medicine and the fact that they are not more-ish is deliberate so we're not tempted to eat too much of them. Well all I can say is this strategy works!
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Love the soup

I usually get 7 strawberry for the morning (I find it nice and fresh and sweet) and 14 soup (which i make using hand blender-no lumps ) They are tasty and hot and do make you feel you have had a meal (Plus I am always cold so look forward to heat-up)