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Dont feel I am losing as fast as others?

My first week a lost 7 lbs and when I went for a mind week check on my second week I had lost 3lbs. When I started i was 21stone and thought that it would come off faster. There are people in my group who are smaller than me who are lossing more a week then me. I am being so good and drinking 8 pints a water a day.
What am I doing wrong?
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10 lbs in less than 2 weeks is great! I felt the same the first time I did meal replacement - I evened out at 4lbs a week and my Cambridge councillor at the time accused me of "cheating" I was mortified. Everyone loses differently, some a regular amount every week, some small losses then a big.
I'd try not to worry about other people, the weight is coming off and you are doing great. :)

Keep going and keep drinking the water.

Well done!

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Saz don't worry about small losses, any loss is a bonus.
My LLC says there is no rhyme or reason to how you will lose your weight, just that you will lose it.
Just remember you should lose at least a stone a month, that is better than any other diet out there.
I think you are doing everything right, you are drinking enough water & as long as you stick to the programme it will come off.
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Well done 4 ya loss,its beta off than on,dnt worry and keep going;)
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Hi saz, I lost 8lbs in the first week of abstinence, only a pound more than you and I was 21 st 1lb. The pharmacist thought I should have lost more!!!.
You are doing very well. 10lbs in 2 weeks is fab!
You should be very proud of yourself.
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Hi saz first of all huge hugs you're doing so well, secondly according to my scales I've sts this week so am gutted about that I've stuck to it to the letter too and it just doesn't seem fair. At last weeks WI there was people who openly admitted cheating and still lost a good amount of weight. It just doesn't seem fair does it :(.

Emma xXx
That really wazzes me off when people openly cheat but still have good losses. I know people who have eaten and lost 4lb that week, I thought it may have caught up with them the week after but they still have good losses. Whereas I stick to it religiously and sometimes only lose 2lb a week. It isnt fair, but I get the satisfaction of knowing my will power is great and think of all the opportunities I have had to cheat but havent.

You're doing so well, it's weight off not on, so you are heading in the right direction.

People lose at different speeds, it's just not possible to compare yourself to the person sitting next to you or the person on the forum who has a better loss than you.

If you stick to this diet, you will lose weight - fact. In just a couple of months you will see a huge difference.

Stick at it and don't get disheartened.


Fighting Demons....
There is a lady in my group who is losing her weight a lot quicker than me, and at first I felt a little deflated as I wanted my weight to come off as quickly. However, I started to think of it against previous diets that I have done, where I lost 1 or 2lb per week. This is a hell of a lot quicker than that!

You are doing really well, and I expect that you too are losing more on LL than you would have on a "conventional" diet!

B x
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I agree with you B, When doing other diets I only lost 1 or 2 lbs a week and if I'd had a good week maybe 3lbs but that wasn't very often.


Fighting Demons....
Anyone else used to get really excited in losing 3lb on a "conventional" diet and now losing 3lb feel a little bit disappointed!?

I find that peculiar. Thus I was chuffed when I lost 3lb last week!

B x

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