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Don't get me wrong....

......I love SW, I'm mega positive, mega- determined.....Normally!

I even brought free foods to eat to the hotel at the weekend, for Saturday night in with the telly, while my OH ordered a pizza (and ate it on the stairwell....bless him!)

So when I STS tonight, after putting on a pound the previous week (fair enough on that score, it was a holiday) I now feel so UNINSPIRED!!
I know that this is why diets/eating plans are hard. (It when the going gets tough that it's hard to stick at it, not when it's a piece of cake to drop a few pounds with little or no effort)
I know that if someone else was posting this I'd be straight on to post them lots of positive thoughts and so on.......Pity we can't give ourselves the same advice and pep talks that we can give others eh?
I'm just mega peeved cos now I think my targets, though not ambitious when I set them, are now out of reach in the time scale I had in mind.....
I just hope I can stick at it regardless and that it works next week.

Showed my Consultant my diary and she said it all looked fine.....
Anyone have experiences to sahre that might give me a boost.
Normally I race home and get on minimins after weigh-in. Tonight I couldn't be bothered really...................:sigh:
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Hi Biggysmalls

I know exactly how you feel...
I put on a pound this week after putting on one and a half the previous week! I was feeling really really fed up with it all and went to the chip shop and had a mega fish and chip meal! Which to be honest I don't regret at all....I thoroughly enjoyed it....
I stuck to plan for the rest of the week though,so was a bit unhappy when the scales showed a gain....To be expected really thinking about it..

I wish I would listen to some of the advise i've given to other people......
It would all be so much easier!!

All I can say is like me just hang in there. We'll get there in the end and we'll feel and look fabulous....
You are over half way there looking at your ticker....That's something to be very proud of...

Have a fab week and I hope you lose next weigh in

Keep smiling



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You've not got very far to go to get to target and the reality is that sometimes you just have weeks where you sts even if you've been 100%. My weight loss worked over two weeks with a big-ish loss one week and staying the same the next. You need to look forward to the next weigh in and not backwards to the last one. So chin up and make youself a huge plate of something that seems synful but really isn't - like SW chips or pizza.
Thanks to you both.....I'm gonna stick at it! Only a few people know I do SW and I hate coming home to those people with a gain/sts even though they love and support me. I can't bear the thought that deep down they think the plan could never work and that I need to run 50 miles/only eat grapefruit/ insert annoying diet tip here........

Thanks for replying you guys xx


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They love you as you are...It's you who is unhappy with yourself - exactly as I am...I am sure they are happy for your successes and they aren't disappointed in you at all. You are disappointed in yourself.....
Shouldn't be, be we all do it.

Keep at it......I will and we will look back at these posts and think how daft we were, and we were just having a rough patch...It happens and we have to get back into the plan and keep trying....

Thanks tfmd,
I actually woke up RAVENOUS this morning (That hasn't been the case since I started SW) so maybe some hormonal thing is going on..... (My periods are all messed up so I can't tell when star week is/coming/been/on the way)
Ta fr taking the time to reply! xxxxx
Hun...Im sorry to read that you sts after being so good whilst away as well.
Dont panic. This happens to me regularly and then I'll have a huge loss then sts, gain etc and I stick to plan 100%. Its just one of those things that I have to get used to. I still have an average loss and Im ok with that. Perhaps this is going to happen to you??? You may see that you develop a pattern too Hun, so all is not lost.



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You need to look forward to the next weigh in and not backwards to the last one. So chin up and make youself a huge plate of something that seems synful but really isn't - like SW chips or pizza.
Hear hear. I had weeks of staying the same or gaining and losing the same pound. But I persevered and it's coming off again. It just takes the body time to catch up sometimes.

Try changing your days, new healthy extras, more exercise. But do stick at it. It will work.
I put on half a pound this week which I thought was due to my night out last Friday. I had a trifle for pudding and loads to drink. However, my friend who is also doing SW had pretty much the same as me to eat and drink and she still lost 2lbs. I've followed the plan the rest of the week so I'm a bit put off that I gained while my friend lost.

However, my consultant was lovely and reminded me that I'd still lost over two stone and while my weight loss isn't fast, I'm enjoying what I'm eating.

I eat big meals and I use all my syns which means that my weight loss journey will take longer than others. Our body weight naturally fluctuates and as I only lose small amounts, these fluctuations are more likely to show up as gains on the scales. However, the whole point of SW is to make this an enjoyable way of life so that you can continue after you reach target and not put all the weight back on.

I know gains can be very off putting, but we have to put them into context because they will happen from time to time. If we stick at it, the gains will be overcome by the losses.
Just remember, even slim people put a pound or two on, its not the end of the world in the grand scheme of things. Just keep focused and on track, it will come right in the end. If you are finding mini goals are not helping at the moment, don't set any, it can seem like there setting you up for failure and if you don't achieve them you feel gutted. Just get weighed each week and take it from there, if you loose great, if you STS there is always a reason for it even if its just your body having a paddy.

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