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dont know if i can do this

Aw darling its not an easy diet hunny, you have done 3 weeks successfully, try not to give in now. I can't really see from your sig how much more you want to lose, but it WILL be worth it in the end. Hang on in there love x x x
i did want to lose another 2 stone ish but at the mo just dont know anymore just so odd as i found the first weeks so easy and it just seems to be getting harder each day dont think it helps that im getting a cold
sorry to hear your struggling

if your finding it so difficult you thought about doing cambridge ?


Getting thinner everyday!
I've also had a horrible cough/cold for over a week now and I've found it much harder to stick to LT. I've been hungary alot. I've found that my "difficult" moments have lasted about an hour as they usually do but they have occured more regularly since coming down with this cold. When I get them I drink more water and a hot cup of sweet black decaf coffee (2 canderal, usually take one) and that seems to do it for me. I've kept on top of the paracetemol and am now gradually feeling better.

It's hard when you're feeling rotten and you can't even have a lemsip or cough medicine. I've stuck to it though and I've lost 6 lbs this week and also learnt that I can stick to it even when I'm ill. I've told myself that having X or Y or Z will not make me feel better in the long run and it certainly won't cure my cold.

Hang in there, Dolphin. You'll come out the other end feeling stronger and have lost some weight as well.

Alex :)


I love my purdy shoes
Aww hun, I feel for you. I love this diet then I hate this diet. Every other week my oh has to hear me complaining but then the next time i'm ok. You just have to think if you give up will you be more miserable further down the line because you have already got through the hardest bit, which is choosing to do it. Whatever you choose I wish you the best x


Here we go again!
Sorry to hear you're struggling Dolphin. We all do at some stage. You have done so well up to now it would be a shame to undo all your hard work now.

As someone else said, the Cambrige diet might be a better option for you. I hope you get your motivation back and that you do well in whatever diet you choose. Good luck.
I'v swapped over to ww for the same reasons I was hungary and craving food and could not cope with feeling cold and the minute i swapped over My cravings went and I feel fine dont beat your self up either think I can do this and suceed which u clearly can or choose another diet but dont give up totaly good luck
thanks so much for all your support feelings a little better today had a good night s sleep works wonders but im gonna be strong and carry on and hope its just this cold .and if hoolie can do it so can i thanks hun you have worked wonders for me .dont think not been able to go for a meal or a drink with me fella for valentines didnt help but hes been so sweet so a big thanks to him aswell cheers everyone and good luck


I will be skinny again!!!
Good luck chick!!

I hope you get through it... Im on week 3 and ive been having to fight with myself to not eat food, it all looks so good!!! Im not hungry though just want to eat!!

Good luck what ever you decide is best :D