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Don't know what to do


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think you have answered your own question there lol!
judging from your pics i'd say you are looking great - incredibly 'normal'
if i were you (which of course i'm not!) i think i'd go onto RTM sooner rather than later - you may find you lose a bit more anyway

daisy x
With only 10lbs left to go, if I were you I'd stick it out for another few weeks and get to that goal you set yourself all that time ago - but that's just me :p

Remember too that once you go back to eating you will "fill out" a bit so those cheekbones won't look so hollow! :)


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Men actually still lose about 10 lbs in RTM alone... My boyfriend over-did it completely and didn't realise how much he'd lose when he was slowly coming back on food.. Seeing that you are probably not going to do the 12-week RTM plan, it's up to you.

Once you start eating properly again, you will regain a little bit of the natural plumpness as the body returns to a normal 'way'.
Don't worry... the more you worry the worse your mindset will become. Take it easy, and see how you feel about it all.
You look absolutely lovely in your most recent pictures, but it really is where you feel the most comfortable at. Don't look at BMI, don't look at what you "should be" ...

Personally for me I feel the most good at just about BMI 25; a little chub on me, but not in any way fat... but that's me.

You look very slender and at the right level. Don't push yourself to over do it!


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Whatever you decide Andy will be the right choice.

Pete's right, ask yourself why you set the original goal. If it was simply to be a 'normal' BMI, than I'd ask myself if that was really right for me (my view on this has been covered elsewhere), and review in light of how you feel TODAY?

It's always possible to lose a few extra lbs after RTM by careful management of diet etc. This is a lesson I am slowly taking on board, but it does feel like its 'now or never' for the weight loss at times; however that is absolutely not the case.

Good luck with which ever choice you make.


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Thanks for your thoughts and comments, folks.

I have decided that I'm only doing 1.5 weeks more on this, then I'm moving to RTM. I am not fat - I'm a little overweight and only on my tummy/top of the thighs.

I've examined my rationale for doing it to be sure it's not a lack of patience or anything else. My reasons are:

  • 1) I'm dizzy and faint in the morning.
  • 2) I'm pale in the morning.
  • 3) I do not like the hollows developing under my cheekbones.
  • 4) I've seen pics of me now that I like and I do not look like I need to lose weight.
  • 5) My energy levels are suffering.
  • 6) I want to exercise but can't. This will be what keeps me thin.
  • 7) People do not look at me and think I'm fat (one of the biggest problems I had was feeling that I was being judged).
  • 8) I simply feel ready.

To answer some questions. My weightloss targets have been very arbitrary. My initial target was 13.5stone, and I kept pushing down till I got to 12st (as a target). I've changed this because I no longer want to be less than 12.5 st. More than that, I don't want to lose anything more off my face.

I kept pushing it down because of the BMI and also because I was judging myself against others. I hate the BMI and don't know why I'm using it as more than the roughest of guides.

I've been ready for food for a long time - but not been ready as I had too much to lose. Now I'm "normal" and am stopping looking at myself as huge.

It doesn't bother me that I have a fair bit of toning to do - I had that anyway. Now I need to do something to move onto the next phase of my life. This is a big one - "Fat Andy" is gone, and I'm ready to say goodbye to "losing weight Andy" and ready to welcome the new me.

I've decided to do the first 4 weeks of RTM and then see how I feel. I have enough spare packs to do the last few weeks on my own, if I'm happy to do that. (This all assumes they don't thrown me off if I don't get them a letter from my surgeon saying it's ok to stay on it - I'll ask when I go for me pre-assessment on the 6th).

I don't want to get to 12.5st and find that I continue to lose. If I stop at whatever I weigh in 10 days time, then I may lose more and not worry much - but I may worry if I get dragged towards 12st.

It feels like a good compromise really - I finish earlier but I have to do a large chunk of RTM and in the meantime I can finally start running - something I look forward to so much.


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Nothing for me to say really Andy, it sounds like you've really thought it all through in a very balanced way. I love the way you describe saying goodbye to losing weight Andy, and hello to the new you... getting to know yourself again and love yourself are the things - alongside better eating habits and exercise, that will make this work.

I am really learning to love myself now. Now now, don't be rude guys - I may be a vain cow with my photos, but that's just something I've hidden behind for years - a nice photo of my face can make up for a few horrendous ones of my backside etc... but I am now learning to appreciate myself. Yes, I am still squidgy, when I sit down I have a weird pregnant looking round belly, my arms wobble when I wave at people - but I don't mind. I am wearing the clothes I want to wear, feeling soooo confident and am happy with life... and TECHNICALLY I am still overweight (I think it's about 25.7)... so poo poo to that.

I am continuing to lose, but that's more out of curiousities sake - and if it doesn't happen it's not the end of the world. I have been my current weight before, but never lighter - just want to know what I'd look like really slim. We'll see...

I think you look great now Andy - and I think stopping in about 10 days is a wise move from what you say in your post. 12 stone is VERY light for a guy... I'm 11 stone 10 at the moment (I think) and the guy I am seeing is about 13 stone (he's 5'10'' and looks very slim)... purely on an intimate level, I'd feel very self aware if I was heavier than my other half... obviously this has been the case most of my life, but it's so nice now to be the lighter one!!

Anyway - I'm babbling! Good luck with your last 1.5 weeks - it will FLY by... and you'll be back on the munch before you know it. God, I wish I'd done RTM. Grrrr, hey ho... maybe in the future. I am starting Diet Chef on Wednesday so maybe that will teach me new skills too.

Lots of love darling xxx
Same dilemma as Poppy Sparkle

You must do what feels best for you.
You are donig this for you and no-one else.
Follow your instinct.xxxx
You have done FANTASTICALLY well.
I remember some of the tough times you had especially near the beginning when you wondered if it was all worth it -and baby look at you now !!!
Congratulations Andy. xxxx


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Andy, you look absolutely fantastic in your photos. Well done to you for being so committed and now reaping the rewards!!

I am sure you know yourself best and if you feel it's time to stop, then definitely do.

All the best and I'll be riding your RTM road with you!


Surgically happy.
S: 23st8lb C: 10st7lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 21.1 Loss: 13st1lb(55.45%)
Thank you everyone (love you too Anna). If I have the energy I may post more later but for now, I'm seriously considering stopping on Thursday. I'm getting very tired now, as soon as I'm home and I feel I'm starting to be affected negatively.

I'm actually happy with my weight and more or less show I look (I have toning to do, and I want to lose more off my tummy but in all honesty, I don't *need* to anymore. I'm still under my original target of 13 and ahalf stone and I suspect I'll lose more in rtm, then cevelop a very strong exercise regime.

I think my mind is almost made up.
It sounds as though you have basically decided Andy, and good for you for recognising when you are happy with yourself - after all, thats the biggest thing here, to be happy in yourself!

And yeah you will almost certianly lose more while on RTM, for the first few weeks you are still on 3 packs and protien meals so Ketosis still is pretty high in your system.

Watch out when you start doing the toning; exercise is addictive! :D


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Andy, i am so utterly impressed with you its unreal.. You look AMAZING, and did when i saw you tbh.. you're such a lovely guy, and i couldn't think of anyone who deservd this more..
x x


Making it all add up
S: 20st6lb C: 13st0lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 7st6lb(36.36%)
Well done Andy, I'm sure you've made the right decision.

Good luck on RTM and keep us updated with how you find it

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