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Don't know why i did it!!

I have been so p***sed of since wednesday when my last weigh in i had put 2lb on despite being 100% ss. I went to gym twice and drank loads and by sunday aftrenoon i had lost 8lb, so was so plased with myself, which means i have got a stone off in 2 and half weeks... So why did i feel like i should eat last night... i had a child sized meal with the family, i enjoyed it and didn't feel bad for having it!!! untill about and hour later when i had terrible stomach cramps. I don't know why i allowed myself to eat... i think i thought it was justified after reaching the stone off goal!!! Mad i know....
Well i'm back on 100% ss today and have no urges to cheat again.... so hope i'm not too long before ketosis kicks in again and that i have a good weigh in on wed and that i havn't ruined everything by eating.
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Don't worry, the best part of it is that you didn't feel guilty about doing it, and the fact that you had stomach cramps after probably will make you think twice in the future..

weekends are really hard for loads of people (for me!!! anyway..:eek:) good that you can get back on with it with no hassle and after a good weight loss after the gym etc.. I'm pretty sure your weigh in will be good!!

:D x


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I echo what Nell132 says. I find weekends really hard, without the routine of work etc. I struggle to get the water down and yesterday I cheated as well ! Feel really down about it this morning too. Tested my wee this morning and stick still went pink but very pale ? I have some chicken that was left over from family meal at lunchtime and not satisfied with that, I have a satsuma and a tin of tuna ??? Will try and get back on the straight and narrow today.

Big Yummy Mummy (ace name), that weight loss is great. Keep up the good work and well done for hanging in there after your disappointing weigh it.
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it's done now hun, get back on track and if you really need to eat something have something from the ss+ menu (if you can call it that lol) or 810 then you won't feel guilty or get stomache cramps!!

well done for getting back on track x
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i did a bad thing today too. Im on ss+ and cooked my son some quorn chicken nuggets- they are fake meat obviously and it is one of the options to eat200g of quorn, but not the nuggets i dont think as they have some form off veggie batter on them, i am really not sure if this is gonna kick me out of ketosis because of it as i have no ketostix left!! arggggghhhh i am sooooooooooooooooooo hungry now it is unbelievable im on my 4th week and iv done so well so far but my mouth is wateriing thinking about them iv had porriges since and im still yearning for more quorn nuggets, they tasted sooooooooooooooooo good!! I feel so awful id feel ok if i werent hungry- not sure if it is emotional or not feel like scoffing the whole bag............ =( so your not alone............... xxx


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Anytime you eat food on this plan you risk causing the unbelievable hunger to return even stronger than in the first days. Tread lightly. Do you want to endure the pure torture hunger that goes along with this habit of picking and eating and finding yourself restarting over and over again or would you rather stick 100% and have hunger free stress free days. The choice is really yours. Mind there are always ups and downs but it is how we handle them that determines our level of success. Good luck in your journey, I hope you can make it as pleasant for yourself as possible. The benefits are so worth it!

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