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don't like flying

evening everyone. right.... i haven't been abroad for 7 years. basically cause i don't like flying. now i wasn't really a fan before but now since 11 sept i've got worse. i keep getting nagged at work and i know my 2 boys are missing out soooo i've been told spain is probably the shortest have you any ideas for a 7 year old and 2 year old next year probably about july/august. one of the girls said salue or how ever you spell it.
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Salou is quite good, espescially if you have kids as the theme park Port Aventura is nearby with Port Caribe water park next door.
Reus airport is the closet with Ryanair usually have the cheapest flights. It is an ideal resort if you dont like flying too far.
Also the next obvious choice is flying into Alicante and staying in the resort of Benidorm.
If you can stand a little longer on the plane then why not try Menorca? It is fantastic for families and very safe too. Better choice of beaches and reosrts too. Only one airport there and only takes about 40 mins to get across the island, so no long coach transfers. I would personally book a private taxi through holiday taxis to take me to the accomodation as it's pretty much hassle free :)
If you would like I can put you in touch with a very good friend of mine who is the manager of a travel shop in Nottingham (Beeston) They trade under Ilkeston Co-Op Travel but are now part of Midlands Co-Op. She has kids herself and can offer lots of ideas to you. I dont live anywhere near there anymore but she still does all my holiday bookings over the phone. She is the only agent I trust :D xxx
Hey hun,
No real advice from me with holiday destinations, but I can sympathise about the flying as I am exactly the same.

My doctor recommended some therapy for the flying (I also have a valium prescription too)
I had 1 session 3 weeks ago with a Human Givens counsellor and I swear I don't know how it works but I was absolutely fine when I flew to Spain a fortnight ago.

I'm having another session on Friday as I'm flying long haul at Xmas for a wedding and am flying into New York on the first leg, so my anxiety as you can imagine has been through the roof. I'm hoping that a few more sessions and I'll be as relaxed flying long haul as I was flying to Spain.

If you want any further info, let me know
thanks for both replying. i was looking to booking for next year but if you want you can pm her number or details and i'll contact her in the new year if that would be possible. kitty, i don't even like boats or trains it's the whole suicide thing it makes my head hurt thinking about it. my boyfriends like orrrr when your times up your times up and would they target a spain flight. i'm saying nothing happened in a while they might want to practise. girls at work are saying i'm spoiling it for the boys as they are missing out. i've been doing butlins for 6 years which i don't mind but i think maybe you feel if you've had a holiday more if you come home with a tan to show off. also if i do buck my ideas up i'll have to give my head a shake and get the diet lark kicked into shape and loose 2 1/2 stone. ohhh dear me what a to do.
Seriously I could have written that post myself hun. Thats exactly how I was/am feeling.
It's not an easy thing to do when it's a phobia tho.

Perhaps speak to your Doctor as a low dose valium tablet could be enough to take the edge off it for you. Or maybe get a Paul Mckenna type book with a CD to listen to?
I really am finding a huge benefit from the hypnotherapy/counselling session as it doesn't just deal with the flying aspect, but other anxieties too.

Some airlines also do courses to help with fear of flying, maybe that might help you as you can ask all the questions you want about everything worrying you?
I know how hard it is, but you can beat it.
i want one of them paul mckenna cd's for loosing weight, i'll listerning to a different one each night :) if and when i do finally go i'll be slim and won't give a damm .... thanks i will mention it to my gp if we do get sorted and book something next year, which i really want to. thanks again kitty


Fighting Demons....
I'm terrified of flying! Honestly, I had like a 9 hour panic attack coming back from Florida several years back. Which only got worse when we got back to the airport, and realising that there was an issue with the plane, the captain was on the intercom thing saying not to worry but we were circling the airport, put into crash positions and when we finally landed all safe and sound, saw fire engines and ambulances all down the runway. It was awful. But, I have been on two longhaul flights and a few short ones since. Got some shiny pills from the nice doctor. And all has been great!! No plane flight is keeping me off holiday!!

B x

PS: If you ask your airline, they should be very good with you when you let them know you're a nervous flyer. On my last flight from Florida, one member of the cabin crew was really lovely to me. Really went out of his way to look after me!!
I hate flying soo much

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