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Dont think I can do this anymore

Hello all

I have been SS'ing for 2 weeks now and have lost 17.5lbs :) HOWEVER... It is my 3rd week and it is killing me. I want food so desperately, im actually feeling depressed because im craving so badly, im drinking loads of water but food is all im thinking of, isnt their anything I could have just to curb my cravings. I am a big girl of 20 stone and 3 CD meals a day is really killing me.
My mum said why dont you start on 790 and then go to SS but I dont know what to do, please help, any advice welcomed
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Awww hun,

I've only done it for 2 weeks... and sometimes It kills me too! but think of the finished results!! and pulling power! I do!!

Don't give up.. ....

Love Tom xx


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790plan is a great plan - and a good idea if you are craving food. BUT you must stick to what it says you can have in the book ...

Don't give up now, you are doing really well - more than a stone in 2weeks is fantastic!


Busy busy busy!!
S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)


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Your mum's advice is a definate possiblity, a few people start on a higher calorie plan and drop down when they ar ready. You have done extremely well, 17.5 lbs in 2 weeks has to be worth it doesnt it? Id say hang on iin there for just another week then youll be on add a meal week and you can have some chicken and veg guilt free. Or you could always have an extra pack, at least that way you know you havent stopped ssing. Its all physcological you know.


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Have a couple of days where you add a meal as well as the skakes, small peice of chicken with couple of spoons of greens or bit of fish or some cottage cheese. If you really need to eat just have the add a meal menu, because if you have something that knocks you out of ketosis you will be starting over again and thats not easy belive me iv been there. If you alow yourself to have it you may not crave it so much, i know its hard but try and keep to it , it will be worth it in the end...............x;)
i too feel like having a binge :sigh:

the only thing stopping me?

my goals!

do you have any special events or occassions coming up?

where you will see people that you don't see very often?

just imagine the look on their faces when they're expecting the usual fat you but Mrs Darn Gorgeous turns up instead!

this is my main incentive albeit quite shallow sounding :p it keeps me going.


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Hi, ive been having the same problem but my counsellor has told me not to beat myself up to much about it and if Ive got to have something have a chicken breast with some veg or salad just as long as its something sensible and at least it may help with the craving BUT it could also tip you over the edge so its a fine line. I feel a lot better after something sensible and still loose as I to am a large lady at 19stone so still get losses with a small meal and plenty of water. Good luck with whatever you decide. Sarahxx.
The 790 plan is great - I'm doing it and losing well. With you having more to lose, you are sure to see the weight fly off too, and you will be in ketosis so not feel hungry. I recommend it, you can always just do it for a little while and then SS if you like?

Good luck whatever you decide xx

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