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Don't understand the concept of eating whilst on LT...


Determined and motivated!
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Hey guys,
think this 100% TRF forum is a brilliant idea. I'm having great difficulty understanding the amount of people looking for help and advice in eating and drinking whilst on TFR.
Surely if you can't remain on TFR for a short period of time, then how do you control your eating and drinking habits when you return to 'normality'??

My husband had a 'slip up', but he did it away from me, and i did not use that as an excuse to slip up myself.

Are there really only a small handful of people who stick to TFR 100%??
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Wow Monkey - how well are you doing????!!!!! :):)

I can't speak with any real knowledge as I spend most of my time on the maintenance forum but my perception is that there aren't so many 100%ers just at the moment. I think the very fact this 100% forum has been started is a testament to that.
When I was TFRing 12months ago my perception is that there were lots of people in the same boat but I could be wrong. It could be a bit like when you're pregnant and suddenly everyone around you is or is pushing a pushchair ... it's all relative. These things probably go in phases as well.
But anyway YOU are doing fantastically and 100% is definitely the best %age for the best results so keep up the good work!! ;) xx


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I agree with you as well MonkeyD I was on LTR about 2 years ago and we never heard anything about "slip ups" or night outs.. well the night outs came up but it was more dealing with excuses on not drinking or eating and supporting on the stress of it all, but I dont remember anything about having something to eat, drink and then starting LTR all over again... hmmmm

Each to their own MonkeyD, people will do what they want and no matter how much one tries to make people see sense, they will do what they feel they need to do (and that is including all aspects of life). Be very proud of yourself and the achievement you have done and continuing to do, Im hoping to get back onto LTR soon (back to square one again) but Im not on the right frame of mind, just yet, but I will hopefully by the end of April!

Keep it up hun xx


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I'm glad I joined when I did as the advice and support was invaluable to me. Those who carried on having a social life but turning down food and alcohol were and still are an inspiration.

Its the strictness of this diet that works for me. If I could personalise it and add a bit here and there I'd be on WW and that didn't work for me!

If it works for them then great but I know myself too well!!


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i agree i packed in LT last time as i was constantly talking about food to my hubby who was starting a diet, the way im seeing it is im on this because right now i cant make the right choices so if i cheat here and there im just cheating myself, plus there will be other easter, birthdays etc.., ths time im more determined, i had a night out on sat but didnt go mad in i ve given my easter eggs to the kids, im 2 days in only but i feel like its medicine to make my body better and i wouldnt stop a day on anti biotics to drink so im not skipping thie either.. so glad this little section has sprung up!

nic x


Determined and motivated!
S: 17st13lb C: 16st13lb G: 12st8lb BMI: 36 Loss: 1st0lb(5.58%)
Hey guys, so glad i'm not alone in this!!
I previously did LL for 7 months, which included a Christmas. In a class on 14 developers I was the only person who carried on TFR and didn't eat my Christmas lunch....subsequently I was the only person to loose half a stone over the Christmas period!!!
I totally agree that if you wanted to tailor a diet to include items of food and drink, then we would all be doing weight watchers!!!

i have my best friend 30th birthday on saturday..... i'm not driving so as to fool people into thinking i'm drinking, but it will be soda water in my glass!!!
my best friend does not at all agree with this diet, but she loves me and respects that i am doing the right thing for me!

this forum is both inspirational and a huge support.... lets keep it up 100%ers!!! xx


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It would also be nice for the 100% ers to use this particular part of the forum in the good faith that it was given and not to be derisive of others to be honest.

Respect for all is a good way to behave.

Lisa x


Determined and motivated!
S: 17st13lb C: 16st13lb G: 12st8lb BMI: 36 Loss: 1st0lb(5.58%)
lipolisa, sorry u feel this way about my post, there is no malice intended. This forum is a great support network, but it can be hard sometimes to log on and find people helping others to eat and drink. I just wanted to find like minded people who want to give their 100% to this diet. I respect everyone who does this diet, it is very hard work.


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Well I'm in both camps I was 100% for 4 weeks ( not long to some but something I am proud of) but a very very rare weekend away with my hubby and no kids came about and I chose to do a refeed, I was starting to struggle, so for me it was the right choice I am finding it harder at the moment to be 100% but wouldn't change what I have done, I take my hat off to those who are 100% but I don't think others who choose Planned blips are any less in terms of commited they are just doing what is best for them, good luck to everyone no matter how you get to goal do it for yourselves!!


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Hey Monkey.

I am with you. When i was on TFR last year I wasnt even allowed to talk about my baking that i was carrying out on the forum and now there are posts here there and everywhere about food and having planned nights off etc. I can understand the posts about having a slip up and i feel for those as this diet really isnt an easy one at the best of times.

I do feel like maybe the sub forum shouldve been created for those planning to break a tfr diet but this is the way it has gone.

I too am sure you meant no malice in this post :)

Keep up your good work sweet :)

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