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Don't want to go to WI :(

Been so good and have only lost 0.5lbs in 3 weeks. I know I haven't lost again this week (WI at 4.30) even though I've been extra special good and feel distraught.

I desperatly need to lose this weight for my wedding but it seems the harder I try the less I lose! I drink plenty, eat loads of free foods, have my HEx's & some syns but I'm no longer losing.

No helping that I'm feeling down anyway for several other reasons, but at least if I knew I was losing weight it'd be something! I'm even thinking of the Cambridge Diet but I know I'd be even more miserable on that, but at least I wouldn't be a fat bride.

Please guys WHAT CAN I DO? :cry:
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I will succeed!!!
Awww honey!

I don't want to go to WI either...shall we run off and be bad together? Just kidding ;)

Look, it's not easy going when low but it's so important to still go. Ask your C for some help...ask her/him for some guidance.

And you won't be a fat bride because you're going to get the losses you deserve honey. C'mon lass you can do it!

When's the wedding anyway? How many weeks? xxx
Wedding 18th June.

My consultant runs 3 busy classes one after the other (mines the first) and she barely has time to say hi (which is why I changed classes before - but hers is the more convinient so I went back). I can't talk to her tonight as I'll just break down. Am in floods of tears already and expecting a supermarket delivery man any min!


I will succeed!!!
Right missus you need to not let this beat you. It sucks that your SWC can't give you time given her schedule...it seems a bit silly to have so many in a row and therefore taking away the one thing we all need at some point - C time!

Maybe not tonight, but make sure you speak to her another time. Ask for her email address maybe? Explain how you feel and the situation...it's her job to help you out.

You've got just over 6 months honey and you can achieve a lot in that time. Do you post food diaries etc on here? xxx
No, I don't but I keep paper food diaries so I can see what I've eaten, how much, how many syns etc. I'm happy to put them up here though(if I'd remember!).

I know I'm not going wrong as I've done SW over the last 6 years and do double check syns even though I think I know them. I write down every item that goes past my lips. If I was cheating or having a nibble here or there I wouldn't be so upset as I'd know that's why I wasn't losing - I'd only be cheating myself.

It's not as though I have much in the house which isn't SW friendly as I know if it's there then I'd eat it - we have a few boxes of chocs/biscuits upstairs for Xmas but OH would tell if I'd been at them, so I havent' touched them.

My supermarket delivery has just come and everything in it is free or v low syn (except the icing sugar and the marzipan for OH to do our Xmas cake with!)

I've even cut out the WI night 'treat' as I was really worried it was hindering my week's, but it hasn't helped any (tonight I've got SW chips, egg & beans for dinner when I get back).
aww hun, if your doing everything by the sw book then there is no reason you wont see results, i think you really need to be really forcefull and ask to speak to your C, and if you do break down then no one will judge you, we had a lady who was so distraught (sp) 3 weeks ago she broke down during image therapy but we all rallied round and she has lost for the past 2 weeks, or maybe its just the group i attend that is like that i hope not..
go to your wi, speak to the C, and come back and let us know how it goes
Fallen Angel - hope you went to your weigh-in and that you had a loss! My mum goes to class with me can only go every 2 weeks cos of her work schedule. She went today and lost half a pound over two weeks. She was disappointed because she sticks to it strictly and doesn't see the results that others do, even those who 'cheat'! So I understand how you feel. Are you sure you are eating enough? It sounds like you know what you are doing since you've been doing SW on and off for a while. I wish I could say something that would help you, but know that I feel your frustration! :hugs:
Hi all, well I went (I always do really) and lost another 0.5lb so that's 1lb in 4 weeks probably because the only thing that's passed my lips today is a small glass of water & a mullerlight. :(
I did manage to get a word in edgeways with my SWC when she went round image therapy and she's asked me to do a food diary. She can have the last 10 weeks if she think's it'll do any good!
I think I do eat enough - maybe not enough fruit at times (I find it hard to make myself when it's cold) but I eat as 'free' as possible and always feel full! I'm certainly never hungry unless I really can't eat anything on offer wherever I am.
I know it'll be sods law that I eat as I would normally this week and just because I[ve done a food diary I'll lose a shed load! Doesn't help me if there's nothing wrong with my food diary as I'm sure I'll find myself back here at some point.
I think I'm frustrated because the first time I did SW I lost 3st in 5 months so was hoping for the same again - regular 2-4lb losses and only gaining when I had been REALLY bad.
I've lived on green days for sooo long (out of habit even when I wasn't 'doing' SW) that I've stuck to mainly red since I restarted in Sept, so I'm doing a green week to shake things up though Saturday may have to be an EE day.
Thanks for the support
C xx


I want to be fitter again
Hi Claire

I have been in the same place as you recently. (1/2 pound loss in one month) My Con suggested I tried different vegetables that i don't normally eat and change salad stuff for green veg. She also suggested i used my syns with more naughty type syns to spur my metabolism. It all worked and I started losing half a pound each week. (this is good for me as i haven't much to lose now) Change seems to be the key. good luck xx


Lover of Extra Easy
I am so sorry that you have to go through this, Claire, as it's so disheartening.
My advice probably doesn't make much sense, but it has worked for me.
Have a flexi day now and then. It seems to kick start the system.
My second tip is only eat when you are really hungry, and not stick to the regular meals as a habit.
It has shifted my weight but may not work for everybody.
Thanks malaika - I'm just soo scared to eat 'outside' the plan (I know it's inside the plan but FS's prevents you giving up, not guarantee a loss)! I might try it Saturday as I might have to eat out, so instead of trying to be too careful I will have something I want just for that one meal.

Thanks Brightonrosie - will take what you've said on board and try to vary things more! :)


I want to be fitter again
Thanks malaika - I'm just soo scared to eat 'outside' the plan (I know it's inside the plan but FS's prevents you giving up, not guarantee a loss)! I might try it Saturday as I might have to eat out, so instead of trying to be too careful I will have something I want just for that one meal.

Thanks Brightonrosie - will take what you've said on board and try to vary things more! :)
Don't give up you are worth more than that xxxx
I hope you have a better week this week! Have you tried doing the superfree challenge? My SWC gave it to us a few months ago and my mum who is experienceing the same problems as you did it and found it really helped to boost her losses afterwards, as she was eating at least 10 speed foods a day which were all different, so kind of like the change mentioned before which might help :)
good luck! just dont give up!! xx
Thanks all - have put my food diary up int he right section - ate 7 speed foods today which is pretty good for me but I've eaten a ton (too much?) and still peckish....... oh dear! lol Just a hungry day though methinks as I don't usually eat that much!

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