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dont want to scare anyone but...

erm k i did wonder whether i was overexaggerating but this hair thing is freaking me out.

Ok i know it doesnt happen to everybody and i did think twice about doing this post because i dont want to scare anybody.

i have really thick hair like lots of it almost too much and i was on tfr for 7 weeks then had a break and now am back on it,, but for the past two weeks my hair is literally falling out. like in the shower this morning i went to squeeze my hair to get all the water out and a whole handful came out..i blocked the plughole with hair in just three showers...:(...i dont mind too much because it would be quite nice to not have so much hair for the summer months etc but its so scary...im hoovering everyday now..a bit of a pain to be honest.... :(

just needed to get that out i think....
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The same happened to me last year and I was sooo worried, but after a few weeks it stopped. My hair was thinner but I didn't go bald or anything. I'm expecting it this time so fingers crossed it wont be as bad. I think it's because our hair stops shedding when we are on TFR and when we start eating again the 7 weeks worth come out. It's not nice but I would rather be thin and lose a bit of hair!
Curleytop, the last time did your hair get thicker again, i mean eventually? or did it stay thin?
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Hi guys, sorry to butt in but when I did LL a few yr ago my hair fell out too. I have very thick hair so it wasnt really an issue for me but I have to say, I got loads of hair comments, people saying my hair was so shiny etc... My hair grew back just as it always was so I wouldnt worry too much about this. When the hair is falling out and you have noticed it in bath etc it means it is already growing back. The hair underneath is pushing the old hair out. So dont panic.:D
good to know tracey :D


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guys, your hair isn't falling out. What happens on a vlcd is that your body can halt regenerating new hair growth, so the normal shedding hair is not replaced as quickly. I did lighterlife for 7 months and my hair was noticeably thinner. It grew back thicker as my diet returned to normal. Don't worry, it will be fine in the long term x


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i'm so pleased to hear it will grow back lol i'm a lil thin on top already, (not bald i just have thin hair and no much of it)


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It was definitely thinner for a good few months but it's a year on and back to normal.


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The same thing happens to alot of women when they have been pregnant, I know it did with all of mine bit scary even though I was prepared for it. Probably a good thing to mention it though so nobody gets a shock when it happens.


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Yes and it would be the very best time to have a great hair cut. That way even though you are worrying that it is thinner at least you can feel good that it is cut well.

Lisa x


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My hair is also falling out,never thought much to it but it must be lipotrim if its happening to others too.Got thick hair so it will be some time before i start to worry lol but its good to know that it may be lt.



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about 3 months after i finished LL I got all my hair cut into a really short do!! I've been growing it ever since and getting into a bob now, but my hairdresser keeps having to thin it out at the back because its so thick!! So I'm sure you will have no hair issues in the long term!! x


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Same thing happened to me when I was on LTR two years ago. I also had a bump on the head and had to get stitches (which was the reason why I came off LT in the end). It is really scary and upsetting, but it did grow back to normal. Its quite strange feeling stubble on the back of your head!

I think individually we are obviously more aware of the hair falling out as we can see it and our conscious of that fact, but I dont think anyone else knew to the extent of my hair falling out- definitely wasnt noticeable.