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Don't want to WI tomorrow

hey guys - i have a dilemma - my blimming period is 6 days late - therefore i have gained 2lbs with excess water etc etc. I really don't want to go to WI as it just feels so unfair that i am going to get a gain simply cos the damn thing is late :(

any sympathy for my predicament will be greatly received :wave_cry:
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I sympathise hun, but i think its best that you go, at least you will know for definate and maybe it won't be as bad as you think. I find i need to go no matter what because it sets me up for the next week. Good luck hun. xxx
What a pain for you and I can see why it would put you off going to WI. What you don't want to do is go down the slippery slope we all go to now and again-it may be better to go to WI, stay on the plan, and then celebrate your loss at your next WI. Just a thought, but good luck x
cheers guys - i am just being a big baby and being silly because its only my 2nd week.

I hate being a woman sometimes :rolleyes:

BUT i have resolved to stick to SW 100% and with some luck i will get through Easter and get a better WI next week!


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I totally sympathise hun, mine was due on Friday and still not appeared! I STS last week that I attributed to pre-totm weight and now it's looking like it will affect another week for me. BUT even if I have a gain tomorrow at WI it will balance out next week and I will feel much better about a bigger loss next week that a small one if I miss this weeks WI!
Do it, mate. You only have to answer to yourelf, and you will know exactly what the gain (if there is one!) will be.
If you are worried about other people asking how you did, just lie! LOL.
I have done this a couple of times in the past year when I knew there was a legitimate reason for a gain but didn't want to have to explain to every man and his dog why. I just told them I maintained.

Remember who you are doing this for- no explainations necessary

+3.5 on my second WI.....Bleeping period now 6 days late. I HATE being a woman:mad:

bless my consultant though - she practically begged me to stay on plan (even though i had the intention to) and advised me its probably fluid retention - but still! Quarter of a stone......its so wrong :(


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I didn't see your WI post so changing mine now... I really hope your AF shows up soon and then next WI is a great huge loss for you!
But your scales could differ quite a bit from your SW scales and it might bebetter than you think... only way to know is to go see :)
sadly that was from the SW scales - my scales were far kinder :rolleyes:



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Hopefully your AF will make an appearance really soon and you will get a fab loss next week! She's evil, isn't she? Mine is irregular too and as Taz says it effects 2 weigh ins. Keep your chin up, sending u hugs xx
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I don't know if it's because i'm losing weight, or if it's becauce i'm starting to go thro' "the change" but my periods are now 6 WEEKS apart!!! I wish mine was 6 days late!
I don't know if it's because i'm losing weight, or if it's becauce i'm starting to go thro' "the change" but my periods are now 6 WEEKS apart!!! I wish mine was 6 days late!
mines usually clock work - 3 weeks apart! but every so often about once or twice year this happens!

thankfully came this morning! yay and my stomach went down very quickly! phew!

now for a 100% week and fingers crossed for a decent WI next week!

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