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Don't you find that this gorgeous weather

makes dieting harder and also easier?.

On one hand you've got all the b-b-qs etc and sitting outside the pub to get through and it is hard not to feel deprived:sigh:.

On the other hand it makes you even more determined because you have to show a bit more flesh, which I am finding hard:(. I still wore a jacket today because I am so self conscious(sp) about my body:cry: and I felt so hot and miserable. In a few weeks of sticking to the diet those feelings will go, so that bottle of chardonnay thats in the fridge will just have to stay there :)x
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def harder... more social events to go to and BBQ's!

but also need to lose more so making sure i dont splurge and undo all hard work so far...
The BBQ thing is nagging at me too, I'm sure I miss eating for the sake of eating, not because i want to eat.....Then i smell a BBQ and I realise I'm talking bo**ocks.
rofl, I know what you mean, the smell, taste of food. I'm not an emotional eater, just a real foodie:D x


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Yep I'm with you. Ketosis or no ketosis I still get hungry in certain situations. Barbecues is one, and another, which I braved and passed today is buffet tables, particularly childrens' birthday parties.

I used to be well known for hoovering up the leftover sandwiches, sausage rolls, crisps, wotsits and chocolate fingers as soon as the kids left the table.

Today I was at a party with 40 5-year olds. There were lots of yummy leftovers & I felt lightheaded. I searched in vain for a spare mini sausage, and had to make do with a few sticks of cucumber.

My own 3-year old son unwrapped a chocolate orange Club biscuit, took one bite, said Yuk and handed it to me. That boy really knows how to torture his mum. But I stood firm.
HA HA, why the hell does that description of wotsits and chocolate fingers make me dribble?

What a perversed sense of torture we put ourselves through.

Wotsits never sounded so bloody good!


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Totally agree - just been sitting in the garden with a litre bottle of water - poo!
Hey guys, gosh I remember doing CD this time last year.... now I can eat but am still trying so hard to lose I think when its really hot its easier cos I lose my appetite, and I can quite happily drink lime and soda at the pub... but I like the odd occasion where I can enjoy a BBQ and a few Pimms (as I have tonight). Good thing about BBQ is you can buy healthy sausages and stuff so its not too bad! Have probably had too many cals today tho! At least on CD I didn't get the choice to go wrong!! :D x

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