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Don't you hate it...


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when people put SW down?
I really, REALLY get angry :mad:
My MIL who was visiting and stayed for 2 months :sigh: told me that I was not eating properly!!
Because, I had the blood tests for my still unexplained weight loss, she decided that it was because I don't eat well and my body is in shock!!
I was totally gobsmacked.
This comes from a woman who is tiny... about 4' 8" and weighs under 7 stone but thinks she is overweight!
Just because I chose to steam, grill or fry using fry light, in her opinion that is not healthy! She likes to fry everything, smothers food in cream and eats copious amounts of bread with loads of butter!
Eating any other way, for her in unnatural! She even refuses to drink semi-skimmed milk! Even when she has fruit she pours tons of sugar over it and refuses to eat anything that is fat free or low fat.
I only cook SW style so every meal I made she added tons of chutney to flavour it!!
That really did hurt my feelings as the meals were tasty and no-one would know they were SW food, except her who knew as she watched me cook.
The way she eats, I am surprised she is not unhealthy or overweight. She is 85, and set in her ways but to call what I eat unhealthy :(
Anyway she told me she thinks that SW is just a money making racket and that people will get ill! That made me so mad. I tried to explain that SW is all about health, they have been going for 40 years, employ doctors etc and has worked for thousands! She wouldn't have it, and told me if I get really ill she will never forgive me, as it would hurt my hubby! I walked out the room before I said something I would regret. How can anybody wear blinkers like that?
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Awww hun that sounds like a very frustrating conversation that happend. But as you say she is 85 and 'stuck in her ways'.

I was talking to somebody in work the other day about the plan and they were saying Slimming World doesnt work. I could have really got into a heated debate about it but instead I have chosen to prove them wrong by getting to target.

I think in your case as you have passed your target weight your MIL is just concerned for you and in her unique stubborn way has put two and two together and come up with 100 lol. Let it go over your head hunni xx
I have always thought that the phrase "never apologise, never explain" (variously attributed to the Duke of Wellington, Disraeli and Jacky Fisher, and loads of others) was a bit arrogant, but I think it is one we should all adopt when people start getting at us about SW!


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niknaks you are right... I'll let it pass, and she will soon see that I am just fine.

With regards to your your work colleague, I had one of those. She insisted that SW does not work, and the only way to lose is to lose weight is by drastically cutting calories. She is a large girl, and would eat carrot sticks and lettuce leaves to prove a point. She didn't think I notices the hidden chocs and biscuits :D. I was determined to prove my point by getting to target, but unfortunately was laid off and never saw her again. I had lunch with another colleague the other day, and I asked how that one was doing. Well, apparently she has gained a couple of stone and another chin, so I guess her "diet" is not working.
I really would love to see her again to prove my point!

So go for it, and show her SW works!


Lover of Extra Easy
I have always thought that the phrase "never apologise, never explain" (variously attributed to the Duke of Wellington, Disraeli and Jacky Fisher, and loads of others) was a bit arrogant, but I think it is one we should all adopt when people start getting at us about SW!
That is very good, and I agree. I should try and stop defending SW to non believers!
In all honesty I think some people will use anything to put something so successful down. My friend quite upset me last night, the girl is about 7stone and about 4 inches taller than me and constantly eats crap then as soon as I feel ill or sick she says "Stop this diet, it's making you ill!". I know she is concerned about me but the diet works and makes me feel so much better in general health. Most of my friends are supportive but for a girl who has never even touched something with the words 'low-fat' I guess she can't empaphise.
I have always thought that the phrase "never apologise, never explain" (variously attributed to the Duke of Wellington, Disraeli and Jacky Fisher, and loads of others) was a bit arrogant, but I think it is one we should all adopt when people start getting at us about SW!
Love this and will remember for the future :D
I've had this many times. Some people I know 'dont believe in diets' and reckon you can eat what you want as long as you excercise it off at a gym etc. Not always the case !

In cases like me im unable to go to the gym due to medical reasons so is that the case for me ? I think not.

When I tell people about slimming world I try not to describe it as a diet as I can still eat alot of what I want just in moderation. Its a healthier way of eating and we are all beautiful because of it :)



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Hi all
I have a (over weight) friend who is impressed with my weightloss so far, she asked what i was doing so i told her about SW. She said she was gonna give it go and joined a different group. I asked her a couple of weeks later if she joined and how it was going, she said it's aload of cr*p and it gave her alot of indigestion because of all the carbs she was eating and baked beans and potatos were making her sick!
I said to her eat what is good for you as an individual but according to plan and you won't feel sick but start losing weight! She just kept saying it is a unhealthy way of eating and she would never go back on the plan. IT MAD ME REALLY MAD! :mad:
But i didnt say much more to her as that's her choice and atleast it's working for me and i'm losing weight so i don't care, if she can find something else to help her lose weight, good luck to her! :p
I'm sorry that you've had to hear it TBH, her blaming you for not being 100% is just completely uncalled for. :(

I get criticised for being a vegetarian every now and then and it makes me so angry inside. I hardly ever get poorly but if I do get so much as a sniffle it's obviously because I'm a vegetarian! *angry*

You know in your self that what you are doing is healthy and that's what matters. It's simple science - SW are not hiding things in shakes or soup mixes.

She might be hitting out because she's worried about you? But if you've not thought of that then it's probably not the case - I'd like to think it is though, it would be easier to accept for your own sanity.
I think a lot of people don't realise, or don't want to know, that SW isn't just a 'diet'. I knew nothing about SW until a friend on another forum I used started the plan. She would post weekly updates after weigh in and tell us about all the yummy food she was making and just how much she could eat and still lose weight.
I personally think SW is an incredibly healthy way to 'diet' and is definitely something that I can see myself sticking to for a long time. Some people just don't wanna know and don't want to listen, yeah it really annoys me too :p
How very frustrating!
I've had this so many times before, Its always from people who clearly have no idea what they are talking about.
How can it be unhealthy, the whole plan revolves around eating a really varied diet from every food group.
I think people are just deluding(sp) themselves sometimes, I always find it comes from people who are vey slim who have never had to lose weight before and are the type who seem to be able to eat any old junk and not put on weight, or people who also need to lose weight but always want to blame something else rather than the junk they eat, and they can also be jealous that you have done something positive and they can't be bothered.
If you can get refferrals to SW from doctors, surely that proves that SW is the healthiest "diet".
Soemtimes I find it really hard to bite my tongue!

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