Down in the dumps


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I'm feeling so miserable at the moment. Everything seems really bad - work, kids, marriage, money. Not sure how much more stress I can take. I just need to get away from everything but can't even get out on my own to do a bit of xmas shopping.
And of course when I feel this down what do I do? I eat. Endless amounts of rubbish that make my tummy hurt. My weight is going up and I can't control it. Months of hard work blown.
I'm so fed up.
Sorry for the missery I just feel this is a safe place to get in out.
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You can come here anytime and get things off your chest, we can listen if nothing else, really sorry to hear things are getting to you, things always seem worse at xmas too. Hope it gets easier for you. xxx


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Sorry everything seems grey at the moment. Just want to send you a hug and say we are here to listen.


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Aw poor you, like looby says we're always here to listen xxx


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Wow, so many people down at the moment. I think it's the time of year. There is so much pressure around Christmas and that. I think it gets to us all! Stay strong... Spring will soon be here! :)


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Oh sorry you are feeling so down. I know how you feel , i have been feeling like this for a while too as you all know. Is there someone who could look after the kids for a couple of hours one day to let you get a wee rest and get some shopping done.

We are all here for you hun x


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Really feel for you honey xxx huge hugs and keep smiling xxx


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Sorry you are feeling so down at the moment. Sending you a :hug99:

Mrs V

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I am so sorry to hear that things arent going so well for you at the moment, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and you will get there!
We are here for you and we are listening.

Take care