Downloaded some photo's

Jelly belly

Ok all i've been brave and downloaded sone photo's into the gallery.

Only been on CD for 4 weks so nothing too dramatic.
Hi Jellybelly :) jusy checked out your album - you look fab ! amazing inch loss too - well done !! have you been doing much exercise ??

I started the day before you (19August !) and we have lost similar amount of weight....spooky ;)

how have you been finding it ?? On the whole I haven't found it too hard - was really disapointed last week at only losing 1lb abd am on AAM this week and feeling really guilty about eating real food - really hope I have a good loss this week....

Nice to know someone who started same time as me...keep in touch and maybe we can jolly each other along if the going gets tough !!
Hi Debz,

Havn't been doing any exercise yet bit ireally must join a gym.

I've found it much easier than I expected to be honest. 1st few days I felt awful but I seem to have the determination this time (tried loads of diets before).

I lost 4 stone on the Atkins 18 months ago and then put 3 1/2 back on. I can't keep yo yoing like that it's not good.

I'm really pleased with the weight loss but it's the inches lost that are keeping me going.

Not doing AAM as my CDC said that it doesn't make much difference so have been having a meal out with friend or hubbie to be sociable. Usually chicken tikka and salad, have resisted the curry so far.

Definately keep in touch as you say it's good when someone is alond the same place in the process. best of luck.