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Downsize me is down sizing!

Thought I would start my own diary!

I have been trying to lose weight on and off for a year now and have lost about 1 1/2 stone but 1 stone of that was going back on and off again!
I tend to do really well on diets and then just lose hope and go back to my bad habits. In the last few weeks I lost a stone but when I put on 1lb I decided that I would go to the dr for help. SHe was very helpful, reffered me to a dietician and prescribed xenical.

I have been taking Xenical for a week now and despite saying I wouldn't weigh myself until my next dr's appointment I have and I have lost 3lbs.

Breakfast is usually cereal - weetabix or porridge.

Lunch soup or sandwich.

Dinner a ready meal or something home cooked like chicken,sweet potato and veg.

I tend to snack on fat free yoghurts.

My GP has said I need to lose 5 lbs in four weeks in order to get another prescription and I hope I can do it as I really do want to lose weight and I have found it really keeps me focused.

I haven't had any problems with Xenical other than wind but I have eaten quite a few beans so that could be why!
Thankfully I haven't been 'Tangoed' and I feel there is no food in the world that is worth that!

Fingers crossed I am here until the weight has gone and I can feel as good as some of you do!
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hello and welcome to your own diary!!!
we are all here to support you... so keep posting and we will all do our best to keep you on your toes!!
I got a delivery of some Green and Blacks chocolates today - about 1kg! AM glad I'm on Xenical because if I wasn't I would be feeling very sick right now! My kids and dp will appreciate it.

Diet seems to be going well. Am having three proper meals and usually yogs for snacks. Have found M&S yogs ncer than Activia as they aren't so sweet yet same amount of cals.


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Hi Hun, doing well :D

have you tried shape zero yoghurts? theyre very nice and quite thick..ive also been having the weight watchers yoghurts.. theyre about the same price and oh so yummy.

the one pack, has lemon cheesecake flavour,raspberry tart, strawberry tart and toffee apple...all yummy :)
theres other flavours too. i also got some weight watchers mousse things,in a powder that you make up, in the jelly section!

i never normally go into iceland,but the other day i did just nip in and you wouldnt believe the amount of ww meals they had,so much more than what the supermarkets stock and ww chips too!! :D
I went to Iceland yesterday and all ww meals were £1 ! I had the chicken and mushroon risotto for lunch and it was nicer than I thought it would be.
Still feeling really tired. I fell asleep this afternoon with my toddler and woke up about 5 mins after I was supposed to leave the house for school pick up! Really hope this passes.

Food wise seem to be doing well.

Yesterday I had a lamb hotpot M&S count on us. It was 9 grms of fat but when I was eating it I could see oil in it. About 20 mins after I finished it I had a really bad tummy ache and a bit of diarrhoea(sorry!). Glad the pills are working but a bit peed off as the meal was under the 5% rule but I guess not all of the ingrediants were.


Violet is shrinking
awww hun, sounds like it was the oil that did it :rolleyes:

ive not had any accidents yet,to be honest for the first few days i carried a spare of knickers in bag when i went out,i was paranoid something was going to happen :)

i had the tiredness for the first week,im fine now. it could be that or maybe youre coming down with something. remember the xenical does take away some much needs vits,so you maybe you could try a multi vitamin :)

i had a quorn hot pot last nast,was nice.

youre doing well hun , keep going!! :party0011:
Bear in mind that 20 minutes is awfully quick for it to have been that meal, I know everyone is different but I find 12-24 hours is more like the time the tablets take to work. Maybe if you are feeling a bit rough you might have a tummy bug? Just a thought. Hope you feel better soon,

bunny hops - didn't have an accident thankfully! Would be so embaressed if that happened!

Kitty - you could be right as my toddler had a bit of a dodgy tum for a few days.

i also got some weight watchers mousse things,in a powder that you make up, in the jelly section!
i got these... YUCK is all im going to say.. they were not very nice!!!!

ive not had any accidents yet,to be honest for the first few days i carried a spare of knickers in bag when i went out,i was paranoid something was going to happen :)
i still do!! (well did until i stopped the tablets... i was always prepared... had spare trousers in the car too!!

i hope you are feeling better than what you were... and that it was just a bug...
My tirdness seems to have gone now, thankfully!!!! Seems like it took about 10 days for my body to get used to the pills.

In my firsy week my foods were very very low fat - not even 5grms per meal. This week I have stuck to the same number of calories but have eaten meals with a bit more fat so the xenical actually has something to work with. Have also eaten the odd bit of chocolate - one or two squares - with no ill effects.

I'm getting married next month and bought a dress which was too small. Tried it on this morning and it fits! I am so pleased as I love the dress and didn't want to have to hunt for another one!

My weigh in day is tommorow and I would please with another 3lbs loss. I looked at my weight record on my wii fit and realised I have lost 2 1/2 stone in the last year which I'm pretty pleased with. Evevn if I haven't lost any weight this week I can certainly feel my body has got a bit smaller!
oh wow. congrats on the wedding dress!
im hoping thats the case for me in a couple of weeks time when i go and try it on... eeeekkkkkkkk

good luck with weigh day tomrorow!
Weigh in day today and I lost 5 lbs this week! Really pleased!
Running out of healthy food at home - no yogs as the children keep eating them!
5lbs thats amazing!!!! well done...

and nooooooo about the food..
but at least the kids are eating healthy.....
Been eating too much the last couple of days so need to get back into counting my calories properly.

Went to Monsoon today as they have a sale on. I tired on a few clothes in size 18 and they all fitted. Really happy as a few months ago I was a size 22. Only bought one top as I am hoping to get to a size 14.


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well done. its always nice when clothes fit... and when you are smaller than you think you are... :)
2 lbs down this week. Very happy to have lost but a bit disapointed not to have hit the 15 st mark! Will get out my 30 day shred dvd today and start exercising!

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