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I went to the dentist last week & he said I had an infection in the gum & that my tooth wasn't the problem. I'm due to go back today for a 'deep' clean. I'm still in absolute agony even though I've taken all the antibiotics and been on painkillers (Paramol).

Just beside my back teeth on the roof of my mouth is all swollen & very tender to touch as is my gum at the very back (where wisdom tooth should be). None of the dentists have ever mentioned that it could be wisdom teeth coming through & I never really though about it.

The other problem I have is the ear on the same side keeps getting blocked & I can't hear from it properly and just below my ear lobe by my chin is more swollen than the other side, the only thing to relieve this pain was a hot water bottle held against it.

I don't know if the ear/swelling is just to do with the infected gum or I have an ear problem which is affecting the teeth if you see what I mean.

I'm going to the dentist later but should I go to the doctors too?

I had the same problem about 6 months ago on the exact same side & I've jsut had enough now as it leaves me feeling really rough & being unable to look after the kids/work...

What would your advice be? Sorry for rambling...XXX
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Mention it to the dentist when you go, but that area is all pretty interlinked and so its likely just the infection spreading over the area. You may need a stronger course of antibiotics but see what the dentist says first before booking the docs. Chances are, the docs would just send you back to the dentist.

Also, is it the dentist that is doing the clean or the dental hygienist? If its the latter, you might want to ask if you can have a quick word with the dentist before your appt.

big bear

A bear on a mission!
S: 14st7lb
Thanks MLM, I'm going to the actual dentist. He said that he needed to give me an injection to numb the area so that he could clean right down in under the tooth.

I just hope that it gets sorted as been keeping me awake the last week...I'd rather give birth than have this pain, that's how bad it is!

I think that I may need another course of antibiotics as I feel as if its spreading!!