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Dreaded scales


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I'm terrible, I'm always hopping on the scales, especially on my sw weigh-in day. Once a week is usually advisable, but if you're ok going longer, do it once a month. I need the motivation of checking that its working, so once a week is best for me.


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I weigh myself every week. I do it daily on the scales at home though...but they give out dodgy readings so I don't get upset if they don't move...much.

Aunt Bam

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i am absolutely terrible and weigh myself almost every morning when i get up. a habit i ABSOLUTELY have to break. think i'm going to have to go with the majority here and say once a week :)

abz xx


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I don't use the scales anymore. I use a tape measure instead. I have just over the past 5 months beat the scales and have not weighed myself since. Every week the tape is rewarding and my last program recommends that you use this method and only weigh every month as your body works in this cycle, (much better for my mind) I only went by their scales when they weighed me.

I do have a record of my measurements and weights and I generally measure myself once a week and look at my record and see roughly what my weight might be. I was on the scales up to 6 times a day and now it's nicer not knowing and going by my clothes and inches.



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I too am addicted to my scales but I take my official weight as the one at my weekly WI at SW. If you are not going to a weekly group meeting/WI then find a Boots store near you or leisure centre that has scales and pick the most convenient day and time to go there every week and do an official weigh in for yourself
At the moment I'm just getting weighed at the gym every 6 weeks and the doctors once a month. They also take measurements so it will be good to see how I've done!.


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For a while there I was terribly addicted to weighing myself. Was doing it about 10 times a day!:eek: It'd drive you crazy! Got rid of my scales, and now I go to Boots every Wed! It's a 20mins walk from my house, so gets me a wee bit extra exercise too! I was bad last week though and walked in twice to weigh myself!:eek:
I'm terrible I pop on them loads when dieting.

I have found a great solution though..... My bloke sticks them up into the loft, because i'm too scared to go up the ladder. He works away during the week so the bad boys stay up there out of my way until the weekend.

Silly but hey, it works for me. :eek:


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That's great Lisa! If Mr Taz touches my scales he gets a real ear bashing from me


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same here. ha. they are not to be moved. they need to remain in EXACTLY the same spot from week to week. it makes all the difference you know :p

abz xx


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I used to be very addicted to my scales too! And then I gave the batteries to my BF instead. But he forgot them this week, and I am hoping on the scales every morning! But I am losing a lot at the mo (for some unknown reason!) so it keeps me motivated. But when you are plateauing, it is really discouraging :(

I like the idea of walking to Boots to get weighed!

Elie x

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