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Dreading going out tonight

Im off out tonight with my mum, aunt and cousin. We go out regularly for dinner and Im just dreading it.

Usually we go to a Chinese Buffet (my absolute favourite) but theres NO WAY I can go there and not eat so I think Ill need to try push them in another direction

One way or another its going to be murder drinking coffee all evening while they have dinner :cry:
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I will never give up
why dont you have some chicken and veg hun? even at the chinese you could choose something to suit you. dont make it too difficult for yourself your doing really well.
Have you ever had to do that before and been able to get back on track? I feel for you as I love chinese buffet more than anything and know if I went to one I couldn't hold back. I can only do this diet without temptation.
The only thing would be to make sure things are overly salty, as they might make you crave more food and retain water. You've done so well though, so if you are able to go back on track I wouldn't worry too much :) You've done a lot better than me so far and I managed a meal last Saturday and got back onto it on Sunday.
I can actually Liz, Ive been off a few times for things. Im on this for so blooming long Im very aware I need a life too. So long as Im firm with myself that its ONE day then Im ok.

Hmmm maybe all meat wouldnt be too bad. Im not a great lover of sauces, its a standing joke when I go to the buffets that I pick things out soooo carefully to get minimum sauce and no veg on anyway lol
I think then you'll be absolutely fine :) I know what you mean. I'm doing this for my wedding, but sadly have some preplanned meals in there that I simply cannot not go to. I stick with meat and fish where I can. It's hard when you're in it for the long haul. I tend to think it's not ideal, but have fun whilst doing it if I can't avoid it!


I will never give up
yep you know more than anyone hun whats best and if you are in in for the long haul sometimes its good to have to choose healthy options to get you trained for future. i think meat sounds good. have a lovely time.
I think going and eating nothing sounds like hell on earth. There has to be scope for enjoying social occasions surrounding food, not just dreading them. You are far enough into it to enjoy some nights out. Slim people go to restaurants, so go, eat the fish & meat and enjoy it. Alternatively get them to go to the cinema, bowling, pub, something that doesn't involve food next time. Doesn't have to be dinner everytime.
Well I went and I have mixed feelings.

We did the Chinese buffet. For my starter I had plain chicken a slice of cold meat and cucumber

For mains I had assorted chicken and beef. I had virtually no sauce had no noodles chips rice prawn crackers or anything in bread crumbs or batter. And I had no dessert

I think I made the best choices possible but good Lord I feel stuffed which is weird considering I'd usually have a proper starter and a dessert
Well done Starlight! :D That must have been really really hard. Maybe if you all go out there again you wont have this worrying before it happens next time. :)
Wow, I think you did really really well to resist. The smell in those places is incredible!
Really glad you went out (you must be feeling a lot better!) and it sounds like sensible choices. It is weird how full we feel after a small meal now, whereas previously we'd just munch loads more and not feel so full! Hopefully our bodies are starting to relearn!
Hope all goes well today getting back on the packs xxx
Well done! I'm going out tomorrow night so it's nice to read you can without going completely off the rails!
Well done on resisting all the yummy, you did so well! :)

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