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Dreading it

I have completely gone off the wagon the past week, been doing slimming world for 3 weeks (on Thursday coming) and last week meeting was cancelled cause of the snow so I completely went off course. I've only had one weigh in and I lost 5lbs, but I am so scared cause I think Im going to have gained that 5lbs back and more.

What a failure already !!


Anyone else been through the same thing? Im just so disappointed with myself cause I started so well.
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My 5th week of doing it and i do it at home. I have stuck to it for 2 days out of 7 but im thinking im not really bothered. I enjoyed my food and it isnt like it happens every week! Draw a line under it an carry on!


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Hopefully it won't be as bad as you think. I have been lucky as not missed a class yet, but know if I did I would hate it, I need it to keep focused :rolleyes:.

Just start a fresh today and be as good as you can be, you will have to take whatever comes WI in the knowledge that you are already back on track and control with your eating.

Good luck x:xmastree:
My class was also cancelled and it's been very hard to stay on track. I'm hoping that in the last two weeks I've managed to stay the same - that's if the class is on tomorrow!
Good luck xx


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Ahh - I think there must be thousands of slimming club (not just SW) members in the same position in the snowy areas of the country.

I worked at a Special School (Supply teaching) yesterday, and one of the pupils had got herself in a right tizz worrying about her SW weigh in on Wednesday. Made me feel quite glad that I don't currently go to class.
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I'm sure it won't be as bad as you think Hun, And agree with the above... Draw a line in the sand and move on.. Least if there is a chance of a gain you know why & already be back on track!!
Good Luck xxx
I can't not go to the classes cause I'm doing SW on referral from GP, and you can only miss 2 out of the 12 weeks - even if the classes are cancelled !! Stupid !!

Well I will keep you updated and let you know :) Thanks for the support, its really hard once you fall slightly off the band wagon to go back on to it. I bought loads of fruit the other day just to stop snacking on chocolate ! Eeek. Christmas time is going to be so hard.

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Good luck at your next weigh-in, it probably won't be as bad as you think! :) I've struggled the last two weeks, been on training courses which has had buffet food, been out for Christmas meal and just been picking food reallyt badly. I have still had a loss and not gained from it. I think the thing is even if you do have a blow out, on the other days try and be really good and eat super free foods, to try and make up for it.

Our consultant was talking about one of the girls from her other groups... She went out on a Christmas meal on the Friday with her mates and because they had such a good time they decided to meet at someones house for drinks on the Saturday evening... the snow was so bad she decided to stay the night and ended up having a chinese on the Sunday. She was really worried about weigh-in and really thought she blown it and was expecting a gain, but she was REALLY good then until her weigh in on the Wednesday and somehow she still managed to lose 4lbs.. :eek:

Just try and be extra good when you can, hope weigh-in goes alright for you... let us know if you feel up to it xx
I lost 2 and a half pounds !! :) Thats 7 and a half pounds loss so far, in 3 weeks (1 week obviously I didn't get weighed, probably a good thing haha). I feel so much better now Im in another 'stone' bracket, if you know what I mean.

I've put my goal as 3lbs loss for next week, hopefully going for a stone for xmas, 4lbs the following week... lets see if I can do it ! Booked in my gym induction for tomorrow at 4pm - I CAN do it!

I really hate my actual slimming world group though. The leader is not very good....
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see u worried for nothing well done :happy096:
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Well done ... everyone has ups and downs .... good luck xxx


Just doing it this time
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you don't fail until you give up completely - you're not giving up are you? Then you aren't a failure.

pick yourself up, dust yourself off and START ALL OVER AGAIN, exciting isn't it!

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