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Dreading tomorrow :(

Hi guys x

I am fasting from this evening for my bloods being done tomorrow :(

I am absolutely dreading it :cry: I have really rubbish veins that they can never find :( Then when they do, They can never get any blood out so usually end up using those horrible butterfly needles and getting the Dr in to do it :cry:

I`ve also got my paranoid head on that they will find something worse wrong with me :( As they are checking nearly everything :confused: Liver function, Renal, FBC, Glucose, Thyroid, Cholesterol etc etc etc - Did anyone else have all of these?

It will prob be 10 days - 2 weeks before the results come back, So it will be at least that long before I know if I`ll be going on the Xenical.

Interestingly, I was reading about it last night. And apparently it is also sometimes used to lower cholesterol/ high BP and so that you can take less medication for diabetes. So hopefully my Dr will give me them on their own first rather than a whole bunch of other meds :)

Anyway, No point to this post really, Just stressing as despite having 4 tattoos (and wanting more lol) and having piercings, I have a needle phobia :8855:

Hope everyone is surviving the easter hols, I was ready to commit murder yesterday and it was only the first day LOL!!! :rolleyes:

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Ahh try not to get too worked up about it hun, easier said than done I know-I've got a needle phobia too. I've fainted in the past while giving blood, so I get all worked up beforehand too.

Hopefully your results wll be fine, at least you'll know everythings been checked and you wont have to worry about anything else. Let us know how you get on.

Day 2 of the easter holidays and my 2 are sending me daft already lol! 2 weeks is a long time to try and keep kids occupied, makes it worse when weather is cold. Wish they got 2 weeks in May and only 1 now. At least I'm at work tomorrow so I'll get a rest :D.

Lou x


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I know what you mean about the needles! I have 8 tattoos and I have no trouble getting those done but when it comes to a tiny 2 second scratch for blood tests I have to look away! I think it's psychological, we know how important our blood is and get protective over it!

I hope the tests go well hun x
All the best for your tests tomorrow, and more importantly for you results.

Whatever happens at least then you'll know where you stand and then decisions can be sorted instead of this limbo you're in at the moment.

My daughter hasnt been too bad so far {fingers crossed} that may be as she goes away with my Dad for a few days tomorrow so she is happy and excited. Its usually worse at the end of the hols I find.

Anyway, good luck x
I'm exactly same, crappy veins, no blood ever comes out. I've had the fasting blood test before & they tested me for all sorts, think they just do a standard list of stuff for fasting blood test, like a 'we may aswell check for everything while we're at it' test :)


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I know it sounds obvious but try not to worry too much about it all. I have a needle phobia too and the more relaxed I am, the easier it is. I often ask the nurses etc to not talk about what they are doing and to chat about anything else to take my mind from worrying - otherwise the silence gives me time to panic.

Good luck - not that you'll need it. Let us all know how it goes.

Take care xxx
Thanks everyone <3

Well it was the disaster I thought it would be :(

The nurse tried both arms and both hands and just couldn`t find any veins at all :( She thought she got one on my arm and tried the butterfly on it but couldn`t get any blood out :(

In the end she got someone else who used a needle and syringe and just sucked it out of my arm by probing deep into the vein :cry:

The nurse said the results would be back by the end of the week :eek: So I have booked an appt with the Dr for Tues am. Just hope they don`t find anything worse now :( I don`t have the best of luck where my health is concerned :(

I also stuffed up as I had a small glass of wine with lunch yesterday then realised it said avoid alc for 2 days :sigh: I didn`t tell the nurse incase she wouldn`t do them. But will tell my Dr on Tues.

Anyway, Enough ramble!!

Thanks again, Support means a lot



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The small wine probably wont make much difference, depending on what they are testing for. Hope the results are good!


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well every six months i have to have liver, tyroid, cholesterol, fasting blood glucse, renal and fbc as my gp tends to take the attitude "well if you need to be monitored for liver and tyroid every six months we might as well check everything"

i have difficult veins and they have had to get the drs for me once or twice...i had to take growth hormone injections for 4 and a half years

stupid me

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