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Dreaming of food!! Help

Well last night I had the weirdest dream ever of a big whopper bugger with all the trimmings, omg it looked lush. I dont know why of all things that I dreamed of this as I have never went near burger king (we were never allowed it when we were kids and as I only eat Halal meat this is not allowed) Everything has been going well on this diet until this and today I feel like caving in. Everything from a tomato to home made acher gosht looks so appetising in the fridge compared to a chocolate milkshake at the moment. Help!!
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Keep going, I know it's hard. We've all been there, wanted the stuff we shouldn't have, especially when it's so accessible. Be strong, you know it's worth it in the end. X


Needs to stop eating!!
I am having food dreams too....And im only just starting week 3. Are you near the end of your CD journey?


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hi Dee, i so want to get the water flavouring to you hun. it does help cos the waters easier to drink, hence less cravings. Have you tried the vegetable flavouring you can get ?? this, i believe, is ok to drink too although I think theres a limit on it, its like a cup of stock and it does help, or how about chewing gum? please dont give up!


Needs to stop eating!!
Yes you are allowed sugar free chewing gum!!


Needs to stop eating!!
Aw bless you all it does get easier I promise you just have to get past the temptation. I am addicted to watching food programmes at the moment and you would think that would make you want to eat but no just like to watch how crazy am I??xxx
Oooh ok how come your start date was in April....or are you restarting? :cool:
Nope just never got started until now, there was always something coming up like weddings, parties which made me rethink it so now its time for me to do it
Sugar free chewing gum is allowed but apparently it can make you hungry, so not really recommended....
Don't cave in, you'll feel so much better for sticking with it. The gum thing my CDC told me no more than 2 sticks a day. Good luck!


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Gum may make you hungry but it won't make your loss slow. The reason it might make you hungry is that the action of chewing tells the stomach that food is coming and then when it doesn't it gets a bit narky.

If you can cope with that then the gum is fine....I used it all the way through a 4 stone loss on LL and have been using it last three weeks on CD no ill effects other than occasional nibbles, which I am sure I would get anyway. Helps with hairy-mouth-syndrome too.
Well stocked up on the gum anyways and so far its helping, if i feel hungry I take the dreaded water so not too bad, thanks everyone
oooh i have a lot of food dreams its so strange i somehow forgot in my dream i was on cd and started tucking into a pizza, i woke up and felt so guilty and foolish that id eaten and then realised i hadnt lol the dreams kind of help me in a way the horrible feeling whe i wake lets me know i really shouldnt when awake. im not as obsessive with cooking,cooking on tv etc as when i did lipotrim.

you have started cd for a reason like most of us nothing else seems to have worked find something to keep your brain occupied in the evenings and think about the lovely clothes and how proud of yourself you will feel at the end!
Well I am glad to hear that I am not the only one that is having weird dreams....lol.

Ya mentioned that ya were on LT, are ya still doing it or on cd? I was on LT as well but having just three varieties off shakes was enuff to say, "is this what I am resorted to?" so that was the reason that I changed to cd, it has been so far so good and I think that's down to the weather but hey its working and as ya said I am trying to think my way into a bikini so I will look good on my hols, fingers, toe's, boobs crossed
im on cd now in my 5th week and its going well, lipotrim worked with losing weight was a long time ago i did it but the refeed and maintence on cd outshines lipo , the shakes were so foul on lipo i hated it, i love the cd choc tetras though. ive booked a holiday for next year and im determined to loose weight and keep it off i never want to go back to feeling big and struggling tofind nice clothes. i thik i could probably cross my boobs at the moment! but im 20lbs down so far 70lbs to go to 9st target and im just taking it a week at a time. im sure you will do great keep up the good work

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