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Dreaming of Food .....Help!

Hi guys, i'm really needing your help. I'm in Wk 4, wiegh in tomorrow, i've got one more week unitl refeed but I keep dreaming about food, i'm really hungry and I caught myself putting food in my mouth and quickly spitting it out. I'm trying to talk myself into a refeed tomorrow after my wiegh but I really want to make it another week. I don't think i've lost anything this week, i keep getting on the scales and they're not moving.:eek:

I've been over wieght for 10 year now and I really want to do it for real this time.......I was really motivated when I could see the weight coming off but now it's just seems to be hanging around.

I'm rambling.....Anyone else getting weighed tomorrow?
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You probably have lost weight- it's just that after a while you tend not to notice that much because its not like that initial "Bloody Hell!!"

I personally don't weight at home because I haven't got one place in my house with an even floor so my scales don't move either. It sounds to me that weighing yourself is having a negative impact on you so don't do it! I'm sure you can last another week- you just need to keep yourself motivated. Just think about what you want out of this. What is more important to you? I know for me that I want the weight shifted and be gone forever so I never need to worry about it again and that is what keeps me going xxx


Is Irrepressible!! : )
I actually meant to say that you have definitely lost weight- there is no way you couldn't have as long as you haven't strayed : )



Is Irrepressible!! : )
You will be fine!

I think sometimes its just mind over matter- stay positive and positive things will happen xx
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Good luck tomorrow, keep it going hun! xx
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Good luck tomorrow (or is it today now?!!!) You will be fine!

My scales at home hadn't moved but when I went for my WI this week I'd lost 5lb!!! If you've stuck to it 100% then you will have lost!

you will have lost weight hon dont worry xx
as for dreaming about food i think we have all done it at some point mine stopped after about 3 weeks tho , i even ate stuff in my dreams i wouldnt eat in real life so i must have been starving in my head !


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Im now into week 5 and i started dreaming about food at the weekend. To be exact, i was stuffing a twix in my mouth as fast as i could so that no-one would see me. It was that real then when i woke up i was really worried and i seriously thought i had eaten it!!! The strangest thing is, im really not craving chocolate so where the hell that came from i just dont know!! Stick with it for another week, youve come this far what difference is 7 more days going to make? Good luck for your WI let us know how you get on and all the best with whatever you decide to do x


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Try imagining the food with horrible stuff on it, or your least favourite foods and your gorging on them. It will certainly remove your cravings or dreams. I had to make homemade pizzas and baked cakes and cookies for my daughters 14th yesterday (they looked bloody lovely too) It was a right killer, but to get round it i had to imagine all sorts
You guys have really helped I was going to give it in, but I'm going for another week. I'm off now for my wi...........here goes.
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Great loss well done hun.


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