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Dreaming11 finally finish the journey she started.....

S: 26st4lb C: 14st2.0lb G: 12st7.0lb BMI: 30.1 Loss: 12st2lb(46.2%)
What diet will you be following? All the best with day one x
hi everyone!!!

ok so have had a good three days. havent kept a diary but remember everything ive eaten. stayed under 2000 calories on mon. stayed under 1800 calories yesterday and then today had around 1600 -1800 if even. so all in all was a good day. had some sweets yesterday and today the slip up of one choc hobnob which vs 6 digestives last night is much better. im trying to wean myself off sweet things and lower my carbs in order to get to a low gi diet that my nutritionist wants me to maintain. tomorrow i will start keeping a proper diary. il polycystic ovary syndrome and need to lose weight asap but wanna do it properly.


gonna follow rosemary conleys gi jeans diet starting tomorrow to really kickstart me. really gonna aim for no slip ups but starting to feel more in control of food for the first time in a good few weeks. :) x
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S: 309lb C: 175lb G: 159lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 134lb(43.37%)
well done for getting through the first 3 days. I find thats always the hardest with any diet. Good luck for the rest of the week.


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S: 16st1lb C: 13st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 2st12lb(17.78%)
Heya, good to see that you're doing well!
Best wishes.
Day 1 PROPERLY. (Sat 17/07)

So just did a weigh in.... wednesday was terrible. had nausea and bad stomach upset and spent it quite sick. started off ok yesterday and then it was just a bad day in general.

anyway weigh in im shocked at well not surprised but super pissed off... 14 STONE 7LBS!!!! which means by my nutritionist scales its about 14 9....

right i havent been doing well at all. Ive only been fooling myself. I have 8 weeks until a move to london and 6 weeks till i go on hols. time to up the game and stick to dieticians plan

ok so day by day is the new system. Whatever weight i am for my weigh in with her on the 4th august is what it is. i have two and a half weeks to kickstart it all off anywho. xxx

Todays menu.

Brekkie- 1 scrambled egg on one slice of toast and a laughing cow type cheese spread- 90+80+32= 202

Snack - 59

Ryvita x 2 - 58
Laughing Cow light - 25
2 slices of Tomato - 5
2 Slices Ham - 46
Diet Yoghurt - 59

two ryvita - 58
1 laughing cow and 1 slice ham 25 + 23 = 48
yoghurt - 59

Samon in tomato soup baked - 185 + 40 = 225
1 baked fresh corn on the cob = 150
Spread = 40

yoghurt = 65

went to cinema and robbed one m n m and two small handfuls of popcorn off mate. 100

Calories = 1200
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S: 16st1lb C: 13st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 2st12lb(17.78%)
Aw hun, dw, just stay positive and do your best, I'm sure you'll see results :)
Ok so have had a busy but healthy enough weeks. didnt keep a proper diary but have kept one since mon. Going to dietician next week. Have lost weight and doing a fair amount of exercise and have had hardly any sweet things which for me is huge. will properly cut down on carbs after my time of month is finshed however i have noticed a significant improvement in my diet overall. feeling good

Monday 26

1 low fat yoghurt 59

lunch 4 chicken strippers and a handlful of chips with some garlic sauce- rough estimate of 750 in total, prob less but im covered

Tuesday 27th

wanted sausage rolls so bad so had a bag of monster munch for breakfast to cure the craving. wasnt good but was better then 5 sausage rolls!!! 195

lunch was gluten free mushroom soup and a chicken sandwich plain- id estimate maybe 650 calories in total... relatively substantial sandwich in size

dinner was a small prawn and pasta salad- 145 and baked walkers- 149

1 ryvita plus tomato slice plus 1 laughing cow.

exercise was cycle to work, cycle home, cycle to kboxing, kboxing for one hour, cycle to town (2 miles) cycle home again


Yoghurt- 59

Gluten free chicken and sweetcorn soup and chicken sandwich- 650

Pink snack- 180

350ml milk- 220

fish fillet- 150
green beans

exercise- cycle to and from work and a half hour- 40 min walk :)
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Ok everything going really well, still need to cut down on carbs and have had some choc this week with time of month but unlike the huge amounts i normally gorge on it hasnt been much- three pink snacks in total!!! time of month!!! no choc now at the weekend ill be good.

Thursday 29th

pink snack- bad brekkie!!!! 180

bread- mutigrain wholeseed- about 2 and a half - 3 small slices- 400 cals... if even

soup and brown bread- homemade soup- id say in total lunch was about 400

dinner- 1/2 bag of popcorn- 240

bowl of special k- 160

cycle to work, cycle home, cycle to kboxing, kbxoing class, cycle home

need to eat a bit better.

Friday 30th

pink snack- ok ok no more!!! 180

lunch soup and chicken sandwich 650

snack brown bread multigrain health bread- 400 if even

dinner homemade soup made with loads of veg!!!

loads of coffee and water.

tomorrow gonna really try and stick to the plan rthat the nutritionist gave me. and gonna do a 28 day detox of no sweets/ refined sugar!
right 28 detox satrting tomorrow as its monday!!!

anyway Saturday 31st yesterday had two pink snacks..... bold 360

had a half a chicken salad sandwich- 160 in total as ate the salad in the second half but not the bread
monster munch 131

dinner- beef and broccolli in peppercorn sauce- 250

popcorn- 250

1 vodka and white-

came home had more popcorn- 300

exercise cycle to work, walk home, zumba fitness advance
went to nutritionist last week. all is good. she basically said not to worry as much about the carbs but to stay off sugar. that i was doing really well. down five pounds. was away for weekend so enjoyed myself but not as much as i normally could!!! starting properly today. had a bowl of special k for breakfast and lunch as woke up v late. off today.

-70 for cereal- lots of cereal!

went to maccyd and had grilled chicken wrap at 324 calories and medium chips at 330- 650

one rose sweet and one toffee- 150

in or around 1500 cals.
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