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Dreamings' Food Diary

Put this off for FAAAR too long, so have finally decided to start a food diary. Determined to keep it properly!

Probably not much use at the start of the day but here goes:

40g "Choco Snaps" (in other words, coco pops) - 4pp
100ml skimmed milk - 1pp
2 clementines - 0pp
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ASDA deli brown sub roll - 7pp (I think?)
2 slices ham - 1pp
2x Laughing Cow Extra Light triangles - 1pp
WW fromage frais - 1pp
Value spag bol (not the healthiest, most filling option I know, but cheap- and portion controlled) - 7pp
WW garlic ciabatta (love these!) - 6pp

2x meringue nests - 3pp
Tinned peaches (in juice, drained) - 0pp hopefully?
WW vanilla yog - 2pp as I had one earlier and pretty sure they round up to 3

Total for the day: 37/36pp
Weeklies used: 1/49
OK let's hope I'll get today right...

40g coco pops + skimmed milk - 5pp

Tesco light choices chicken + stuffing sandwich - 8pp
Cherries - 0pp

1/2 stonebaked pizza - 11pp
1/4 of a garlic baguette - 4pp
Egg custard tart: 7pp

(edit: forgot to add drinks)
3 cartons of sainsburys no added sugar juice drink thing - 1pp
Milk - 1pp

Total for the day: 37/36pp
Weeklies rolling total: 2/49

WOW! Just one little point over AND I got pizza, AND a chicken and stuffing sandwich, AND an egg custard?

I love this "diet"!!
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Cereal + skimmed milk - 5pp

2x danish bread - 3pp
Cheese - 3pp
Spread - 1pp
Apple squeezy fruit pouch (love these) - 2pp
Pink n white - 1pp

Pasta bake - 15pp (worth it, yummy)
Garlic bread - 4pp
2x nests - 3pp
WW yog - 1pp

8 water biscuits - 4pp
Ham - 2pp
Cheese spread - 1pp

Total used: 45/36pp
Weeklies rolling total: 11/49pp used
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Another extension...

Cereal + skimmed milk (5pp)
Total used: 50/36pp
Weeklies rolling total: 16/49pp used

AND I'm considering toast. HELP! Don't think I can be stopped!
Cereal + skimmed milk - 1pp

Bagel - 7pp?
Cheese spread - 1pp
Ham - 1pp
Pink n white - 1pp

Roughly half of schnitzel - 5pp (was far too fatty to eat all of, whole thing is 8 but rather put 5 than 4)
Small jacket potato - 3pp
Marg - 1pp
Tinned peaches (in juice, drained) - 0pp
2x Meringue nests - 3pp
WW yog - 1pp
2x danish bread + spread - 4pp
Chicken - 3pp (these two eaten in an attempt to make up for rubbish dinner!!)

Total - 38/36pp
Weeklies running total - 18/49pp used

...and now feeling really quite full compared to yesterday, probably because of the snacking fiasco. But there's lots on TV tonight so worried the peckish monster will hit again, if it was up to the greedy part of me I'd eat right the way through the evening's TV so this is a vast improvement!

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