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Lol - I did last night! I dreamt that a food delivery arrived that I'd completely forgotten I'd ordered - it was all full of things like croissants, french cheeses, cinnamon danishes...etc. Mmmmm! In the dream I was annoyed that it had arrived after I'd started LT, but felt I had to eat it to stop it going to waste (of course! :p). Woke up feeling really disappointed in myself that I'd been weak and used a stupid excuse to cheat, then was delighted to realise it was a dream after all and that I've been good all along! :D




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this is a constant thing for me when im SSing on CD, and i always wake up feeling so guilty and angry at myself for cheating. the dreams are so vivid as well, i can actually taste the food!


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Yeh, you feel yourself filling up, its mad, all your rational thorts go out the window, and you think, forget it im eating!! walked into the chippy today but stayed strong, bought a savloy for the wife though, think that will do me for now
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I had a dream once where I was on a plane and the cabin crew were giving out meals. They weren't very appetising, especially the shepherds pie one, then suddenly there was no cabin crew and the trolley was in my kitchen. The food was going to be thrown so I ate loads of it then was disgusted with myself for eating at all! It was such a relief to realise it was a dream!!! I felt such a dipstick for eating such disgusting food - if you are going to dream cheat then it should be for something delicious and not grotty airline food!!!!!



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Dream cheat with horrible food, I don't know how you do it, lol, I think of reciepies at work, even try them out on the family never had bad feedback yet! but the dreams are geting to close apart and too often!


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Had same experience a couple of times. Always great to wake up and realise NO I didn't actually eat!!:D

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